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Raoh, Shaken by a Nightmare! Yuria, You Are the Only One!!
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Raoh comes to a decision on what to do with Yuria.
Original broadcast date: February 12th 1987

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In Raoh's fortress, many of Ken-Oh's men have been injured by their leader. Yuria heals some of them with her powers. At Fudo's village, some of Rihaku's men arrive and say that Raoh's defeat has caused mass turmoil in his forces and that many of his captured villages have struck back, wiping out his troops and taking back their home towns. Meanwhile, Raoh stands in front of a fire with lots of blazing hot coals inside it. He puts his hands into the fire and picks up one without showing any sign of pain. He then crushes it into pieces. There is nothing wrong his his perfect body, he thinks, but it still doesn't change the fact that he has felt fear twice now. It was because of the sadness in Kenshiro's eyes...now that he has felt fear he feels that he can no longer call himself Ken-Oh. He works out that what made him feel fear was sorrow. Kenshiro's feelings for Yuria...Fudo's love for the children...does grief surpass the body? What is sorrow? He thinks of what Tou told him...his heart belongs to Yuria. He then begins to think about Yuria, and if grief is love.

Raoh then finds Yuria and says that he must take her life! He only has Kenshiro in mind now and he surpasses him in everything apart from the fact that he doesn't know what sadness or love are. But he's heard that love brings sadness and vice-versa, so if he loses Yuria he may understand them. Some of Raoh's soldiers try to stop him by shooting him in the leg, but after he removes the arrow, Yuria heals the wound. Raoh tells her that he doesn't need pity, but she says that it is all she can do now. She then turns around saying that it must be hard for him to kill her if she looks at him, and that she is prepared to head into heaven. She can see the dawn of a new light, signaling the start of a new era. Raoh thinks back to one time at the dojo when he and Toki saw Kenshiro and Yuria walk by. Raoh told Toki that one day he would make Yuria his, it is one of his ambitions. Toki told him that that is no ambition, it is love. Raoh said that he didn't believe in love, but Toki explained that whilst he may not know it now, love will turn even him to tears and move his heart.

Back in the present, Raoh now knows why he was thinking of his brother's words, as he is now crying! He sees that he must have been pursuing Yuria for love all along, but now struggles to take her life. But he cannot have Yuria for himself and now he feels he can call himself Ken-Oh once more. He tells her to forgive him, but she must live on as the sadness in his heart. He then strikes Yuria. A little later on, Kokuoh arrives in Fudo's village, and Kenshiro knows Raoh is calling him. He gets on the horse, and arrives at the Hokuto Renkitouza (North Star mind and body training ground), where Raoh is waiting for him. Will Raoh seize the heavens, or will Kenshiro shine the light on the century's end?

In the manga...

-The scene in Fudo's village near the start of the episode was not in the manga.

-Raoh is not shown beating his own troops up in the manga (although it does happen), whilst he is in the anime.

-Yuria heals more people in the anime.

-In the manga, Ken, Bat and Lin do not seem to be in Fudo's village when Kokuoh arrives.

-Ken tells Bat and Lin they will witness the final battle, and they all get on Kokuoh in the manga. For the anime, they decided to just have Kenshiro go, for some reason.

-The scene where Raoh hits Yuria is split up in the manga. The part where he actually hits her is not shown until later, during the battle between Kenshiro and Raoh.


-This episode has a different art style than any previous one, and I don't like it. The art team really seem to struggle with drawing faces that well, especially female characters. This was the only chapter 4 episode they did, but they unfortunately animated multiple episode of Hokuto no Ken 2.

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