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The Wrath of the South Star! The Illustrious Harn Brothers!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Hazu and Gill, masters of Nanto Soyo Ken, fight Falco.
Original broadcast date: May 7th 1987

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2) In the manga...
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Jakoh has a nightmare about Raoh coming after him, but then wakes up and hears a report from two other Gento Kouken masters: Boltz of the blue light and Taiga of the green light. The two have been trying to find out what Falco and Shoki are doing but they haven't seen them. Meanwhile, Hazu and Gill have been freed and challenge Falco to a fight, preventing him from killing Lin. Falco tells Lin for her and her army to move back, and for his own troops to do the same.

The Harn brothers reveal they are masters of Nanto Soyo Ken (South Star Twin Hawk Fist), which they use to kill many of Falco's troops. They then try to use a technique called So Rakuso Ha (Paired Feather Drop Claw Rip) against Falco, but he blasts them and seriously injures Hazu. Meanwhile, Kenshiro is trying to find Bat and Lin, but runs into Ein. Ein still wants the bounty on Ken's head and wants to stop him from reaching Falco, who he believes will kill him first. Kenshiro enquires about who Falco is and Ein explains: Falco is the strongest warrior of the Gento Kouken style. Kenshiro jumps back down to his horse and rides off, whilst Ein swears that the next time the two of them fight each other, he'll win.

Back at the battle, Hazu has died, but Gill runs forward and sets off the bomb, killing himself and all of Falco's troops. Just as Kenshiro arrives, Falco gets up out of a pile of dead bodies -his own men gave their lives for him. He doesn't seem to care at all though and walks off without saying a word, as Kenshiro thinks about what kind of man this Falco could be.

In the manga...

-The scene with Jakoh in this episode is not in the manga.

-In the manga, Jakoh has two sons called Sheeno and Jask. They do no appear in the anime, but their roles were replaced with Boltz and Taiga, who are not related to Jakoh and are also Gento Kouken masters.

-In the manga, Ein is the one who is with Hazu and Gill, and he loses the game of rock, paper, scissors. The brothers knock him out because they know he needs to look after Asuka. In the anime, there is just some North Star Army member with them, and they say it is too much of a burden for the likes of him.

-In the manga, Hazu and Gill are fighting Falco at the same time as Kenshiro is fighting Solia. At this point in the anime, Ken and Solia have already fought.

-Ein and Bat are the ones who take Gill away in the manga. In the anime, it is Bat and some generic guy, as Ein is elsewhere trying to stop Kenshiro.

-In the manga, the North Star Army all get in a truck to move back when Hazu tells them to. They just walk back a bit in the anime.

-In the manga, Hazu messes up the hammer strike and ends up breaking it by mistake. In the anime, Falco breaks it with a Gento Kouken blast.

-The biggest difference in this episode is that in the manga, Gill lives. Hazu is the one who smashes the bomb with his head. In the anime, this was changed so Gill sacrifices himself to detonate the bomb.

-Ein is the one who asks the troop about why he would sacrifice himself for Falco in the manga. In the anime, Bat is the one who asks.

-Kenshiro is still fighting Solia in the manga, so he does not go to where Bat and Lin are. In the anime, he has already killed Solia at this point, so he does see them and also sees Falco for the first time.

-Worth noting that in the manga, Jakoh makes his debut at around this point. His first appearance scene is the same as his first appearance scene in the anime, only he was introduced in the anime in the first episode.


-There was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one airing during the original broadcast. Usually, new episodes were once per week.

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