At the fortress, Jakoh is asleep. But of course by doing this he's in the dark. And he is dreaming about the terrifying shadow of Raoh coming to hunt him down! The North Star keeps the world in darkness! But how does he know Raoh?

Jakoh then wakes up, thankfully it was just a dream and Raoh isn't really there. Two more Gento Kouken masters then walk in: Boltz of the blue light and Taiga of the green light.

The two have been trying to find out what Falco and Shoki are doing but they haven't seen them. Jakoh tells them to hurry up and show some results before doing his usual trick of demanding more light again.

Falco has found the true leader of the North Star Army and is about to kill her. But as he approaches, he seems to recognise her, and thinks back to something that happened in the past...but then he says to Lin that he does not have mercy for women or children.

Up above, Hazu and Gill look on and see that the chick going to get killed, but they can't help out since they're still in this concrete. The single guard with them doesn't know what to do to help, so they say that they are the powerful Harn brothers and that they can stop Falco, they've got a few neat tricks to try out. But they need setting free first and they convince the guard to use some of the North Star army's dynamite to do the job. At the North Star Army base, a storm starts and Rihaku suddenly says that someone related to the North and South stars will be in agony.

Bat tells Falco that he is the leader and he should kill him instead, but Falco doesn't listen to him and prepares to end Lin's life. But then he hears an explosion up above and sees some smoke near the cliff.

Hazu and Gill are free! They reveal that have a bomb with them, and if they hit it with this hammer, they can kill Falco and all of his men down there. But who's going to be the one to hit it? A tricky question, so the brothers decide to settle it with a game of janken (literally means "Fist Games", but is known as Rock, Paper, Scissors).

The brothers choose rock, but the guard chooses scissors. He's lost and says he'll go, but the brothers punch his lights out and tell him that this kind of job is a one way gig, it would be too much of a burden for him. They then cause part of the cliff to crumble and use it to try and land on Falco.

Falco punches the boulder and shatters it, but Hazu and Gill are ready for a fight. Falco wasn't aware that the Harn brothers were still alive, but calls them fools for coming here, they will die.

But the duo reveal their plan and threaten to blow up the bomb if he doesn't leave Lin alone. Falco can tell that they are serious about this so he orders his own troops to move back, whilst also telling Lin to retreat along with the rest of her army.

With their friends safe, Hazu and Gill challenge Falco to a duel and reveal their flag, which has a Nanto symbol on it. They reveal that they are Nanto masters and that they know the Celestial Emperor intends for both Nanto and Hokuto to be destroyed. But they are going to stop Falco from carrying this out by killing him here today. Elsewhere, Ein gets his driver to go faster -they can see Kenshiro riding on Kokuoh, but Ein needs to get past him to try out his plan.

Several spears are thrown at Hazu and Gill, but they are broken apart before they can reach their targets. Falco's troops tell their master that they'll deal with this scum, he shouldn't have to dirty his hands. The Harn brothers don't want to deal with them, but then decide that they will at least make a decent warm up and tell them to bring it on.

Not only can Hazu and Gill smash their way through opponents, but the style they have mastered also lets them slice people to pieces.


(South Star Twin Hawk Fist)

The two brothers know that Falco has killed many other Nanto masters and they intend to avenge them all. Using one of their techniques they run towards Falco, but then leap up and link arms, before coming back down.


(South Star Twin Hawk Fist: Paired Feather Drop Claw Rip)

The two head back down, but Falco moves out of the way to avoid the attack. The brothers try the So Rakuso Ha again, but this time Falco strikes back, sending out a blast of energy.

Hazu takes the brunt of the attack and is heavily injured. Seeing that even they cannot defeat Falco, Hazu gets up and threatens to use the bomb again.

Meanwhile, Kenshiro and Kokuoh are still on their way when the two find themselves under attack from spears! Ken destroys them whilst Kokuoh avoids them, but they keep coming. Ein is the one responsible and as he keeps firing them off he sees that Kokuoh is now alone. He tries to see where Ken went only to see that he's appeared right next him.

Ein attempts once more to take Kenshiro's life but he can't seem to hit him. But he does hit something else, and it turns out punching a cliff hurts!

Kenshiro tells Ein to stay out of his way. Ein says he must defeat Kenshiro now as he doesn't want Falco of the Golden Light to kill him, as if he does Ein won't be able to claim the reward. Kenshiro enquires about who Falco is and Ein explains: Falco is the strongest warrior of the Gento Kouken style. Kenshiro jumps back down to his horse and rides off, whilst Ein swears that the next time the two of them fight each other, he'll win.

Falco doesn't seem to believe Hazu's claim of blowing everyone up. Hazu tells Bat to take him and his army away whilst they can, and also tells Gill to leave. Hazu reveals that he has been critically injured by Falco's attack, but his brother can still live. As Bat drags Gill away, Falco's troops shoot several spears into Hazu.

Gill can only look on as Hazu removes the spears and then goes to strike the bomb. But before he can, Falco sends out another projectile...

...which destroys the hammer. Even more spears are thrown into Hazu, who falls down and dies. Falco decides to leave, but then Gill starts running towards his brother.

Falco's troops run forward and try to stop him, but even their spears can't slow him down as he smashes several of them out of the way. He crashes into the bomb head first, setting it off and creating a huge explosion.

When the North Star Army go back, all they find is a crater and a lot of dead bodies. Lin finds the only thing left of Hazu and Gill: part of their Nanto flag. Kenshiro has seen the explosion and heads to the source, where he is glad to see that Bat and Lin are alright. But they also see someone emerge from a pile of bodies: Falco has also survived.

They watch Falco as he doesn't show any emotion in what just happened. His troops all saved his life by gathering around him, but he doesn't seem to care and starts to walk away. Bat finds one barely alive soldier and wants to know why they gave their lives for him. He says that it was their dying wish to save Falco. Bat finds that to be a stupid reason as Falco clearly doesn't seem to care about them at all, but the soldier explains that Falco has used up all his sorrow for them and so his tears have already dried out. Falco has brought light into their hearts. He then dies and as the North Star Army watch Falco walk away, Kenshiro wonders what the deal is with the golden light of Gento Kouken.


Ein's past is revealed and we finally get to meet his woman. Next time on Hokuto no Ken 2: "Ein is in Danger! An Evil Figure Approaches His Loved One!!"

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