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Ein is in Danger! An Evil Figure Approaches His Loved One!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Ein faces trouble when his woman is captured by the forces of the Emperor.
Original broadcast date: May 14th 1987

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...


Ein is thinking about a job Lord Beron -one of the Empire's commanders -has given him. He needs to kill Kenshiro. Ein isn't happy about working for Beron, when Bat appears. Bat tells him that instead of trying to kill Ken, he should use his fists to take over the enemy controlled area nearby. The two go to Beron's fortress with part of the North Star Army, and by working together, defeat all of the soldiers there. Beron, who was absent from the battle, finds out Ein has betrayed him and decides to get even.

Beron gets other bounty hunters to find Asuka, Ein's woman. One of the bounty hunters, Ren, does so, but it turns out Asuka is just a little girl. Joseph, a friend of Ein's who looks after Asuka, manages to report to Ein and the North Star Army on what has happened. As Ein races off to find Beron, Joseph explains that Asuka is Ein's adoptive daughter, as her mother was killed by bandits. As Ein threatens to kill Beron, Ren appears and threatens to kill Asuka.

Beron starts to beat Ein up, but Kenshiro then appears and makes Ren stab himself. With Asuka no longer in danger, Ein kills Beron and asks why Kenshiro helped him. Ken says that Ein fights for someone who he loves, as he has done in the past. As Kenshiro leaves, Ein tells Asuka that he will change the world for her...and make it a world where she can stand proudly when talking about it.

In the manga...

-The events of this episode happen earlier in the manga -starting after Kenshiro defeats Geira.

-The manga does not show Ein's past like the anime does, you only get to hear about it.

-Joseph was never in the manga.

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