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Chapter 3 Begins: Military Rule in Troubled Times. When Nanto is in Disarray, Hokuto Appears!!
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As Kenshiro leaves Mamiya's village, the Holy Emperor's forces attack.
Original broadcast date: January 9th 1986

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Kenshiro has decided to leave Mamiya's village, and feels that something is calling out to him. Toki tells him that it his destiny, and mentions the Nanto Roku Seiken -a group of six warriors, three of which are dead. Shin, Rei and Yuda have all fallen. But there are still three left, and Toki thinks that Kenshiro will have to fight them at some point. Mamiya tells Ken she will continue to be the leader of her village, as Ken says goodbye to her and leaves. Meanwhile, the Holy Cross Mausoleum is being constructed by children, for a man called Souther -who is known as the Holy Emperor. He tells his troops that not even Raoh dares to challenge him, and that they must go forward and take over more land -he wants to take over the entire world.

Meanwhile, Kenshiro has entered a village which has been taken over by Souther's forces, and fights them. After they are defeated, some villagers say he should get out of here whilst he can, as more will show up. Kenshiro refuses to go, and confronts the next unit of Souther's troops. He kills most of them, but as their Captain dies, he tells Ken that the Holy Emperor will crush him.

Back at the Holy Cross Mausoleum, three men try to assassinate Souther, but he defeats them all. Looking out at his mausoleum, he thinks how he is the star of command (or star of leadership) and how he is an Emperor. An Emperor does not need love or pity...

In the manga...

-Almost all of this episode is filler. The scene where Toki talks about the Nanto Roku Seiken and Yuda's betrayal were in the manga, but this was used earlier, and Rei talks about it rather than Toki.


-Whilst this is the first episode of chapter 3, it still uses the intro sequence from chapter 2.

-When this episode was originally broadcast, there was a two week gap between it and the previous episode, usually new episodes aired each week.

-Whilst not mentioned in the episode, it is revealed much later in the series that Airi (Rei's sister) stayed in Mamiya's village.

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