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The Star of Darkness Engulfs the Heavens! Time Evolves Beyond The Deathmatch!!
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Shuu, the master of Nanto Hakurou Ken, confronts Kenshiro.
Original broadcast date: January 16th 1986

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2) In the manga...
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Raoh and some of his troops head to the Holy Cross Mausoleum, and see that children are being made to construct it. Raoh has still not fully healed from his battle with Kenshiro, and so tells Souther to enjoy acting so big whilst he still can. Meanwhile, Kenshiro enters a village, and is almost attacked by villagers who think he has come here to capture their children. The village elder stops them and explains to Kenshiro about the Holy Emperor, and how his forces are taking children away to work on his mausoleum. Kenshiro journeys on and witnessess this for himself, but stops the bad guys from taking anyone away.

Some of Souther's troops appear and are going to kill Kenshiro, when they are killed by Shuu and his force. Shuu is the blind master of Nanto Hakurou Ken (South Star White Heron Fist) and intends to fight Kenshiro. Whilst he cannot see, he is still powerful, and uses a secret move of his style called Yuugen Shou (Alluring Illusion Palm).

Kenshiro just about manages to stop this attack in time, but then turns the tables by using Yuda's Denshou Reppa against Shuu. Kenshiro reveals that there is a secret technique of Hokuto Shinken known as Suieishin (Spirit Reflection) which allows him to use the techniques of other martial artists once he has witnessed them himself. Ken defeats Shuu, but he could tell he was holding back. Bat and Lin then appear and tell Ken to stop, as Shuu is not evil, and helped them earlier. Shuu says that he wanted to see Kenshiro's power for himself, and that he was one of Rei's friends. He knew Ken would come here one day, as he is the only one who can defeat the Holy Emperor, Souther.

In the manga...

-The one pointless scene this episode has with Souther was never in the manga.

-The scene where Bat and Lin are saved by Shuu was not in the manga. But they do still mention to Kenshiro that he saved them.

-The scene where Kenshiro enters the village and is almost attacked by villagers was not in the manga.

-Kenshiro does not seem to rescue Doka in the manga. It is clear in the anime that he does do this.


-When Kenshiro is shown walking through the desert and towards the village, this music plays. If anyone out there has a clean MP3 of it that they can send, I'd be very appreciative as it is one of my favourite pieces of music from the series, but it isn't on any of the soundtrack CDs I have.

-When Kenshiro mentions how the Suieishin technique works, footage of Yuda using the Denshou Reppa against Rei is shown from a previous episode. However, Ken actually saw the attack before then, as Raoh used it against him back in this episode. Nothing wrong with using the Yuda clip though.

-Here is an odd one -when Kenshiro mentions Rei told him to keep himself alive, footage of that scene from this episode is shown. However, they actually fixed an error, as originally, there was a shot where part of Rei's foot overlapped Ken's arm -that has been corrected for this episode, and the shot has been zoomed in slightly.


-In the first scene with Bat and Lin, the color of one of the troop's helmets changes color between shots.

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