Hokuto no Ken Episode 56
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Beautiful Fighters, Rei vs. Yuda! No Tears Are Shed in a Man's Exit!!
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The battle between Rei and Yuda concludes.
Original broadcast date: December 19th 1985

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
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Yuda starts using a secret technique of his style against Rei, called Denshou Reppa (Legendary Thrust Split Wave) and Rei can do nothing about it. Meanwhile, Kenshiro goes to the dam and finds that it was Komaku who blew part of it up. He kills Komaku and then rips out part of a cliff, using it to block off the water.

This lets Rei fight back, and he uses a secret move of his style called Hishou Hyakurei (Soaring White Loveliness) to defeat Yuda. In his final moments, Yuda admits he was insanely jealous of Rei and his style, for being more beautiful that him. He could never surpass Rei and he dies in his arms.

Whilst Yuda has been defeated, Rei realises that his time will soon come. He tells Mamiya to try living as a woman before leaving her -he does not want her to see his disgusting death. Later on, Rei says his goodbyes to all of his friends, before entering a house by himself, ready to die.

In the manga...

-What happens to Komaku is very different in the manga. He blows up the dam, but then plans to poison the waters. Just before he can pour his poison in, Kenshiro arrives, and ends up making Komaku drink it instead. Komaku doesn't even get a chance to fight -Kenshiro simply kicks him off the dam, and part of his head explodes as he falls.


-Yuda's Denshou Reppa is a technique Raoh used against Kenshiro in this episode.

-The art style of this episode changes when the night time scene starts. For the most part, this episode has an extremely detailed animation style up until that point.


-The time changes from day to dusk in between shots of Ken blocking off the dam.

-When Rei uses his secret move on Yuda, there are a few shots of Yuda where his eyeliner and lipstick aren't on.

-When Rei is about to go in the house, there is a long shot where his left foot is overlapping Kenshiro's left arm.

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