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You're Going to Die, Rei! A Man Has Never Been More Beautiful Now!!
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Yuda enters Mamiya's village and confronts Rei.
Original broadcast date: December 12th 1985

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Yuda and most of his gang enter the village and capture Mamiya. Yuda then confronts Rei, but as the two clash, they both cut each other. Rei does not seem to be bothered that he has been hit, but Yuda gets almost hysterical when he realises Rei has cut his face. He is outraged that someone dared to do such a thing to his beautiful face, and he says that Rei's attack was unforgivable. Today will be the day that he takes him down and stops him from ever using his Nanto Suicho Ken again.

Yuda reveals his hatred of Rei: one day, at the Nanto Seiken training ground, Yuda and some other students were watching Rei. Rei performed a technique called Hien Ryubu (Flying Swallow Flowing Dance) which Yuda found so beautiful he became jealous, as nobody has been as beautiful as him before. Running off, Yuda swore revenge against Rei for his sin.

Back in the present, Rei and Yuda's fight continues, but it becomes clear that they are not on the same level -Rei seems to dominate the fight. However, Yuda has a plan, as Komaku blows up the nearby dam, which floods part of the village, including the area where Rei and Yuda are fighting. The water mixes with the soil and creates quick sand -Yuda knows that Nanto Suicho Ken primarily relies on the use of one's legs for many of the techniques, so he has now made Rei into a wingless bird. He will soon have his revenge!

In the manga...

-In the manga, Yuda enters the village just as Rei has recovered from Toki hitting his pressure point -he barely has time to put his jacket back on before heading out to find Yuda.

-In the anime, Rei has a new outfit in this episode, but these new clothes were something he has had since the Amiba arc in the manga.

-In the manga, Yuda is the one who tells Rei that Mamiya can see the star of death. In the anime, Mamiya tells Rei herself, at the end of the previous episode.

-The flashback scene seems to take place before the war in the manga (the buildings near the training ground are not in ruins). In the anime, it is set after, as you can see destroyed ships in a dried up ocean.

-There is a scene were Rei reveals that Yuda betrayed the Nanto Roku Seiken -he and members from 23 other branches of Nanto Seiken left the group and made a pact with Raoh. For some reason the writers decided to keep this scene back and not use it until an episode of chapter 3, with Toki talking about it rather than Rei.


-In the flashback scene, Rei has light green hair. It should be a darker green.

-OK, where did this huge dam come from all of a sudden?

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