"Yuda...it's time to settle this."

Rei has put on a new set of clothes and steps outside. Thanks to what Toki did, he will live for a little bit longer now. If it wasn't for him, his body would have rotted away. The final and most important battle in his life will be against Yuda, as he has no other future.

He tells Airi not to cry, as he has no regrets. In this new age, he has met a man he could call a friend, and he also met Mamiya. All that he has left to do now is to defeat Yuda. Toki asks if he should go and get Mamiya, but Rei says no. It would just make things harder.

Meanwhile, Yuda leads his men towards Mamiya's village and he stops them when they aren't that far away from it. Komaku says that Rei is still alive but he wonders why Yuda is going to fight him now, as he has been trying to avoid him before. Yuda says that he is not scared of Rei's power and that there is no way he could lose to him. He wants to enjoy delivering the final, fatal blow against Rei himself. Meanwhile, Mamiya is at the graves of her parents. She wonders what she should do, as a man is going to die for her.

Bat and Lin then appear and tell her that Rei is leaving to go and find Yuda. She tells them that she will be there in a minute, but they can go on ahead first. They set off and a few seconds later Mamiya is also about to go, when several punks have somehow managed to get into the village! They surround her but the worst is yet to come: Yuda reveals himself to her, saying that it has been a long time.

He sniggers and mentions that it seems that not only was he the one who killed her parents, but he knows that she can see the star of death. It must be down to him to end her life. But before he does that he makes her take him to where Rei is. They soon find him, and Yuda and Rei stare each other down.

Yuda is disappointed that Rei did not die on time and asks him about his affection for Mamiya. Rei says that Mamiya is an unhappy woman, but there is at least one man on this world who is willing to die for her and he wants to settle things with Yuda. Yuda doesn't even know if Rei is qualified to fight with him yet though, and calls upon a couple of his goons to go and attack.

The two punks run forward to cut Rei in half with their axes, but Rei moves between them and slices them to pieces. Yuda sees that Rei's Nanto Suicho Ken technique is even more powerful now than it was when they last met, and he decides to fight him.

Yuda calls Rei a pitiful man and leaps up into the air to dive down at his opponent, but Rei also jumps up. The two clash in the air, and as they move away from each other, Yuda realises that Rei has cut into his face.

Rei has suffered a cut to his chest, but he doesn't care. Yuda, however, gets almost hysterical when he realises that Rei has cut his face! He is outraged that someone dared to do such a thing to his beautiful face and he says that Rei's attack was unforgivable. Today will be the day that he takes him down and stops him from ever using his Nanto Suicho Ken again.

Yuda reveals why he hates Rei so much. A while a go, at the Nanto Seiken training ground, many members of the style were engaged in various training activities. Rei had become one of the finest students in the school and he was one day standing on the top of a pole.

Yuda and several other students watched Rei, who was making several arm movements. As Rei was doing his stance, a small white dove appeared near him, but he ignored it. However, an eagle saw the dove, and dived down to kill it.

As the eagle dived, Rei leapt from the pole. Yuda watched in amazement as Rei went straight towards the eagle, arms stretched out.


(South Star Waterfowl Fist: Flying Swallow Flowing Dance)

The eagle was sliced into pieces by this attack, as Rei landed back on the pole. But Yuda was in such shock that he just ran away from Rei. When he was alone, he punched a mirror with with rage. For the first time in his life, someone other than himself had been beautiful. How dare they. He refused to ever forget Rei's sin and decided that he would one day seek his revenge against him, and kill him in the ugliest way possible.

And today is the day that Yuda will finally carry out his plan. He tells Rei that the justice star can never burn as brightly as the star of betrayal, and the two resume their battle. They both charge at each other, but as Yuda tries to stab into Rei, Rei leaps up into the air again and dives towards him:


(South Star Waterfowl Fist: Vermillion Sparrow Unfolding Flight)

Yuda cannot defend himself again this attack and it cuts again into his face, further irritating him. All of his troops are amazed at the Nanto Suicho Ken style and one of them makes the mistake of saying that it is the most beautiful style. Yuda reminds him that his style is actually the most beautiful...

...and he makes sure the man can never make the same mistake again. He says that nobody is more beautiful than him, and then attacks Rei with many fast swipes. Rei avoids them all...

...and then elbows him in the face, which once again sends him flying back. He wonders how Rei could have become so much stronger when he is going to die so soon. Rei says that it is his love for Mamiya that keeps his going and he will not stop until Yuda is defeated. Yuda starts to laugh and says that nobody can beat him -did Rei really think that he came here without some kind of strategy?

An explosion is heard not that far away and the entire village begins to rumble: Komaku and a couple of punks have blown up the nearby dam!

The water all heads straight towards the village and it is turned into a muddy brown by all of the dirt it has to travel across. Some of the walls start to crumble and the water breaks through them as everyone quickly scrambles to higher ground. Everyone, that is, except Yuda and Rei.

Yuda's plan is to kill everyone in the village, or at least destroy it so nobody can live there by flooding it. But more importantly, the water will mix with the sandy soil and create quick sand. He has Rei trapped -since Nanto Suicho Ken relies the use of his legs, he has made Rei like a bird without wings. And Yuda will now finally have his revenge!


The battle between Rei and Yuda continues -which style will come out on top? Nanto Suicho Ken or Nanto Kokaku Ken? Find out in "Beautiful Fighters, Rei vs. Yuda! No Tears Are Shed in a Man's Exit!!"

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