Bat looks through some binoculars and sees a jeep heading towards the village...and Kenshiro and Rei are in it! He thinks that they must have defeated Yuda, something he's glad for as today it Rei's last day. The gates are opened as Nova drives the jeep through into the village and drops Ken and Rei off. He thanks them for their help again before leaving and heading back to his own place.

Everyone fears that Rei has died already, but Ken says that he has fallen unconscious. Mamiya and Toki see that Ken and Rei have returned. There seems to be nothing they can do for Rei now, but Mamiya says that there is one thing and gives Toki a pill. The pill was something she found in Medicine city and will end Rei's life, but it will at least be painless compared to what will happen to him otherwise. She runs off in tears as Toki wonders what to do.

At Yuda's fortress, Yuda is admiring himself in a mirror. Is he the most beautiful and strongest man in the world? Of course he is. Does his servant, Komaku, also think this? Of course he does. Yuda then asks him what he knows about where Ken and Rei have gone. Komaku says that the two of them have just gone back to the village, the same one where Yuda found Mamiya long a go. He has already found out and explained to Yuda about Rei loving Mamiya, so Yuda decides to torment Rei, a man he hates, some more. He tells Komaku to go and capture Mamiya so that Rei cannot die beside the woman he loves.

Rei wakes up and finds himself surrounded by his friends -apart from Mamiya, who can't bear to see him in such pain and is instead waiting outside. Even though he has only just woken up he is immediately put into pain and he says how regrettable it is that he did not get a chance to find Yuda. But Toki says that there may be a way to prolong Rei's life for a little while longer. Everyone is surprised at this as Ken asks if Toki is going to use a certain Hokuto technique on him.

Toki says that there is a pressure point he can press on Rei's body that will make him live for longer, but he will still eventually die. If he presses this pressure point, he will also experience a pain that is far greater than any he has felt after his battle with Raoh. It could make him go insane and die. But, if he doesn't want to do that, he could take this pill that Mamiya found, which will kill him instantly and end it all now. The choice is his.

Komaku leads a group of men and they soon see Mamiya's village and begin to move in towards it. Meanwhile, Rei has chosen to take the risk and have Toki try the pressure point method to prolong his life. Toki has everyone else leave the room. He gives Rei back the suicide pill and says that if the pain becomes to much for him, he should take it.

There is a pressure point on Rei's back that Toki will have to hit to counteract the pressure point that Raoh hit. Known as "Shinreidai", it is the only way Rei's life can be prolonged. Toki hits it firmly. Within seconds, Rei starts screaming.

Rei is put into pain he has never experienced before, and he rolls around the room uncontrollably. His finger nails snap off and he drops the pill. Toki watches him try and reach out for it, but he stops and just tries to take the pain. Outside, Airi starts banging on the door, begging for it to stop.

Suddenly Rei's screaming stops. Toki opens the door and says that Raoh had struck Rei with more force than he thought, but he has done everything he can to make Rei live for longer. As Airi, Lin and Bat head into the room, Toki tells Kenshiro that it is down to Rei's own strength now.

Meanwhile, Komaku's brigade arrive at the village's outer wall and break part of it down. They then ride in and invade the place, as they start to kill everyone they come across.

Kenshiro and Toki are soon out to help out, and kill many of the gang. Komaku tells the biggest guy on his group, Goukya, to go and kill Kenshiro. He tells Goukya that he is much stronger than Ken and should be able to beat him easily. As Goukya suffers from brawn over brains syndrome he heads off to do the task given to him. Komaku tells the others that he hasn't got a chance against Ken, but he will cause a nice distraction whilst they search for Mamiya.

Soon enough, they find her. She kills two of the men but a third one destroys her yoyos with a chain and then grabs her. She cries out for Rei.

Meanwhile, Kenshiro faces off against the mace-wielding Goukya. Goukya throws his weapon towards Ken, but Ken destroys it with just two of his fingers. He then leaps up into the air to perform an attack.


(North Star Shoot Down Finger)

There isn't anything that special about this attack as it ends up with the usual head-exploding mess, although Ken at least gets to watch this one in a casual manner. He walks around a corner and sees some punks with Mamiya. The leader of this group sees that several of his buddies have been killed by this man, so he does what everyone stupid punk does: send more to fight him.

Kenshiro kills them all and then asks the group leader if he'll let Mamiya go. He'd rather not and threatens to kill her, unless they are led safely out of the village and left to go back to Yuda's fortress without interruption. Kenshiro tells them that death is the only thing they can look forward to, and then the place begins to shake.

A wall crumbles and Rei appears! Bat and Lin notice that his hair has gone much lighter colored. The two thugs who had grabbed Mamiya charge forward, but he slips between them and uses his Nanto Suicho Ken. Is he still as powerful as before?

The answer to that is a resounding yes as the two punks are split into pieces. Everyone is relieved that Rei will be around for a bit longer but Komaku, the only survivor of the group sent to the village, also sees Rei's resurrection and decides to go back and report to Yuda. Meanwhile, Rei tells Mamiya that whilst he won't die quite yet, he can still see the star of death in the stars above. He still has the same fate. Mamiya asks what he is talking about and he explains that anyone who can see the little star next to the big dipper will die within the year.

Mamiya looks up and realises that she can still see this star -does this mean that she is also going to die? As Rei comforts her he says that her fate always seems to be a sad one.


Outraged at how his enemy has not died yet, Yuda decides to take further action and we also learn about his hatred for Rei. Tune in next time for "You're Going to Die, Rei! A Man Has Never Been More Beautiful Now!!"

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