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Beloved Mamiya! The Harbinger of Death Shines in Those Eyes!!
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In order to prolong his life, Rei lets Toki hit another one of his pressure points.
Original broadcast date: December 5th 1985

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...


Nova returns Kenshiro and Rei to Mamiya's village. Today is meant to be Rei's last day, but Toki has one last solution: he may be able to prolong Rei's life by hitting a pressure point known as "Shinreidai". However, when it is hit, it will cause Rei much more pain than he has ever experienced before, for a short amount of time. Rei risks it and lets Toki hit the pressure point, and he starts screaming.

Meanwhile, Yuda has ordered Komaku, one of his servants, to go to Mamiya's village and capture her. He leads a gang of men to the village and a battle starts. Some of the men find Mamiya and try and leave the village with her...

...only to be killed when Rei appears. His hair has gone a much lighter color, but he seems to have recovered quite well. However, Rei can still see the star of death next to the big dipper, so he says his fate remains the same. Mamiya asks what he means about the star of death, so he explains to her. She becomes distraught when she realises that she can also see that star! As Rei comforts her, he says that her fate always seems to be a sad one.

In the manga...

-The story gets slightly different at this part between the manga and anime, as the anime adds more filler. In the manga, Yuda finds out from Komaku that Mamiya can see the star of death. He finds it amusing that Rei is risking his life for someone who is going to die anyway, and so he, Komaku and the rest of his gang head to Mamiya's village. They enter it without detection (there is no battle scene) and he confronts Mamiya. In the anime, he tells Komaku to take some men and capture Mamiya, but he remains behind in his fortress.

-In the manga, Yuda has entered the village and captures Mamiya whilst Toki strikes Rei's pressure point. For the anime, Yuda's men have not entered the village yet when Toki strikes it.

-When Rei recovers, he just exits the room and sees everyone outside of it in the manga. In the anime, they changed it so Airi, Bat and Lin enter the room. And then later Rei appears by breaking down a wall.

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