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The Harbinger of Death Approaches! Rei! The Heavens Plays Cruelly With Time!!
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Rei and Kenshiro head to Blue town, where they meet Nova.
Original broadcast date: November 28th 1985

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Kenshiro and Rei head to Blue town, but Rei suffers from pain and passes out. Ken takes him to a place to rest, but when he wakes up, they are attacked by a group of boys led by Nova. After a misunderstanding, Ken and Rei find out that these boys are also heading to Blue town, as Yuda's gang captured their girlfriends. They decide to team up and head to Blue town together, where they fight some of Yuda's guys and find out where he is. They head into a building and enter Yuda's room.

The girls are in the room, but Yuda's men threaten to kill them. However, Ken warns that if they do that, he and the others will chase them down to the ends of the Earth to take revenge. This gets most of the gang to run away in fear, as Rei confronts Yuda. However, it turns out that the Yuda here is a fake! Fake Yuda tells Rei that the star of justice is a star of the fool, but Rei quickly kills him.

Back at Yuda's fortress, Dagar is still suffering when the real Yuda appears -he had been here all along. Dagar sees this as betrayal, but Yuda kills him with a Nanto Kokaku Ken (South Star Crimson Crane Fist) technique -it wasn't a betrayal, it was just strategy. Meanwhile, Nova's group are happy as they have successfully completed their rescue. Whilst Kenshiro and Rei are glad, it is still a hollow victory for them as Rei has still not managed to confront Yuda. But as Rei is saying this, he suddenly screams out and collapses once again from pain -what is going to happen to him?

In the manga...

-Most of this episode is filler -Nova and his story was never in the manga. Whilst Ken and Rei say they will head to Blue town, they are never actually shown going there. Instead, Rei passes out, and Kenshiro takes him back to Mamiya's village. The scene near the end of the episode where Yuda kills Dagar was in the manga, though.


-Nova is voiced by Ryō Horikawa, who previously voiced Ko and Mitsu. His most famous voice role would probably be Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.


-When Nova and his team battle three of Yuda's guys, there is one shot where there is no floor, making it look like they are all fighting in the air.

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