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Destiny Draws Near! Jagi, Who are You!!
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Kenshiro leaves Mamiya's village and tries to find Jagi.
Original broadcast date: May 30th 1985

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Kenshiro has decided to leave the village and to seek out the man who may have taken Airi. He tells Rei that he had three other "brothers" (not related by blood) who trained with him, and it seems one may still be alive. He asks Rei to look after Bat and Lin in his absence, as he is not sure if he will ever come back. Ken leaves and is soon in another village, where a group of punks are trying to get villagers to name a statue of Jagi. They want them to call him Kenshiro. Ken breaks them up and says that the statue is actually of Jagi.

In a flashback, Ken and Jagi were training. Jagi managed to knock Ken down, but he had to cheat by spitting needles at him. However, even with this, it turns out Ken had struck all of his pressure points with perfect accuracy. Jagi stormed off, saying that the youngest brother could never win and had this been a real battle, he would not have lost. Ryuken, the current master of Hokuto Shinken, told Kenshiro that if he showed so much mercy to his opponents that they will bring him much suffering, and that someone like Jagi would really bring him pain.

Back in the present, Ken defeats some of Jagi's men and finds out from one of them that Jagi's hideout is in a village not that far away from here. Jagi finds out Kenshiro is on the way, but he doesn't care. There can only be one true successor to Hokuto Shinken, and Jagi is the one!

In the manga...

-Lin and Bat overhear that Ken is leaving, but Lin does not ask Ken to stay in the manga.

-Rei also gives Ken a small flask full of water before he leaves. He doesn't do this in the anime.

-Ken is also seen leaving with a bag in the manga, but he doesn't have one in the anime.

-In the manga, there is another man buried in the ground who gets decapitated. This isn't in the anime.

-When they guy refuses to cut the man's head off, one of the punks hits him with a hammer in the manga. In the anime, he just gets stomped on instead. When this scene was shown in the 1986 movie, the punk has a hammer.

-In the manga, Kenshiro actually starts to saw through the punk's head a couple of times. This doesn't happen in the anime.

-The scene with the punk claiming to know Hokuto Shinken is different in the manga. The punk himself looks completely different, and just tries to punch Ken. Ken counters his move by embedding his thumbs in his head and picking him up with them. He finds out from him where Jagi is and then dumps him into the ground. Ken then gives one of the villagers the saw and tells him he can do whatever he wants.

-The flashback scene is in the manga, but it is used later on.


-Again, there was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one during the original broadcast, usually Hokuto no Ken was broadcast once per week.


-The two guys Jagi kills at the start of the episode have slightly different clothes than they had in the previous one.

-The flashback scene shows destroyed buildings in the background, suggesting it takes place after the nuclear war. Later episodes reveal that the successor was chosen before the war started, so training scenes like this one should be before the war, also. (In the manga, you can't see any other buildings other than the dojo, so I guess it was unclear to the animators).

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