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It’s Too Late to Beg for Mercy! Go to Hell, King Fang!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Kenshiro fights King Fang, as Rei and Mamiya deal with the rest of the clan.
Original broadcast date: May 16th 1985

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With Mamiya and Airi out of the clan's clutches, Kenshiro fights King Fang. King Fang uses a technique called Kazan Kougai Koukou (Mount Hua Steel Armour) to protect himself, but Kenshiro is strong enough to hit several pressure points on him which cause the technique to fail. Ken smashes an iron girder into his body and then uses the Ganzan Ryozan Ha move to finish him off. He falls into some lava and dies, whilst Rei and Mamiya have destroyed the rest of the clan.

Back in Mamiya's village, Kenshiro hits pressure points on Airi and says that she will eventually be able to see again. Outside, Ken asks Rei if he will continue to look for the man with seven scars, and then removes his shirt to reveal that he is the man with seven scars! Airi then appears, and says she can see again. Rei is happy and tells Ken he knew he couldn't have been the one who took his sister. Kenshiro finds out from Airi that the man who took her was always wearing a mask and she only ever saw his eyes. This makes Kenshiro think...could it be that man?

In another village, the man Kenshiro is thinking of pulls up on his bike and uses a Hokuto Shinken technique to stop a punk from harming a girl. He kills the punk but then claims the girl, whilst onlookers realise that he has seven scars on his chest. This man, Jagi, screams out one thing -"Say my name!"

In the manga...

-The stuff with the Fang clan blowing up parts of the land was added to the anime. In the manga, Kenshiro, Rei, Mamiya and Airi are all together and King Fang is the only clan member left. Kenshiro fights him right in front of his friends. Naturally, the parts where Rei and Mamiya are fighting clan members is exclusive to the anime.

-The fight with Gojiba happened earlier in the manga -see the last episode for more details.

-In the manga, when King Fang gets desperate, he throws one of his own men into a wall thanks to him being a lousy shot (he was aiming for Ken). In the anime, he throws a guy at Ken, but Ken places a girder in the way which he hits instead.

-King Fang does not fall into the lava in the manga, mainly because there is no lava for him to fall in.

-Bat is present when Ken reveals to Rei that he has seven scars in the manga, whilst he isn't in the anime.

-Ken puts his shirt and jacket back on before thinking about Jagi in the manga, but doesn't in the anime.


-Jagi is not named in the episode, but the next episode preview does give it away in the title.

-Some of the animation in this episode is reused from earlier ones, such as a few of Rei's fight scenes.

-There was a two week gap between the episode and the previous one during the original broadcast, usually Hokuto no Ken was broadcast once per week.


-There are a couple of times in this episode when Rei green gloves on. His hands should be colored the same as his skin.

-One of the guys who tries to attack Jagi at the end of the episode goes from having a beard to just having a moustache.

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