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Rei! I’ll Stop Your Tears with My Fist!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Will Rei and Kenshiro kill each other?
Original broadcast date: May 2nd 1985

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
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The Fang clan has Airi, but Mamiya attempts to get her back. She tricks King Fang into thinking she is in a relationship with Kenshiro, and he allows her to come up to where he is. However, when she tries to kill him, he reveals that he can make his body as hard as steel, and her attacks are useless.

Gojiba throws knives at both Mamiya and Airi, but Rei breaks down and begs for them to stop. King Fang tells him that if he wants to save his sister, he must kill Kenshiro. Rei believes he has no other choice and attacks, but Ken keeps avoiding his moves. Eventually, Ken goes into the Hokuto Seikyokurin (North Star Holy Ring) stance, which is a signal to Rei.

The two then strike and seemingly kill each other, and the Fangs are sent down by their leader to check the bodies. However, it was just a ruse, as the Fangs are destroyed and both Kenshiro and Rei have survived. Ken tells King Fang that he was bound to die since the start of this.

In the manga...

-You actually see Mamiya kiss Ken in the manga. Really ridiculous that they don't show a kiss in the anime, yet have been fine with showing breasts before.

-At one point in the manga, King Fang throws Airi to the ground and lets some of his clan prod her with daggers. This isn't in the anime.

-After the above happens, King Fang throws Mamiya to this clan member who has a knife and fork, who wants her. Mamiya kills this guy, so King Fang dislocates Mamiya's shoulders. None of this is in the anime.

-The guy who throws knives is just some random clan member in the manga, but is Gojiba in the anime.

-Between the knife throwing scene and the scene where King Fang tells Rei to fight Ken, the manga has an additional scene were Gojiba fights Kenshiro. Gojiba makes his first appearance in the manga here (he is never named, King Fang just refers to him as being the smartest) and Ken kills him. This fight is in the next episode of the anime.

-When King Fang finds out that Ken and Rei are dead, he releases Mamiya and Airi and tells them to go to their bodies. This isn't in the anime, when it clearly should have been and creates a continuity error for the start of the next episode.


-The animation in this episode is different to any other up to this point, and in a good way -it is much nicer than usual. This is the first episode to use this style, which is more detailed and better animated. Sadly this style is only used sparingly throughout the rest of the series.


-Ken's shoulder pad is back, even though Madara destroyed it in the previous episode.

-At one point during Ken and Rei's fight, Ken's shoulder pad is blue.

-When King Fang tells Rei to hurry up and kill Ken, everyone up on the cliff is mis-colored. The clan members have blue clothes, whilst Mamiya and Airi have, bizarrely, blue skin.

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