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Conclusion of Chapter One - Yuria Forever... As Well as Shin!
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Kenshiro faces Shin in a final battle.
Original broadcast date: March 21st 1985

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Kenshiro arrives in Southern Cross and reunites with Bat and Lin, but he tells them to wait. He then heads inside Shin's fortress, and after defeating several guards, he finds Shin and Yuria. Shin says Yuria has forgotten who Kenshiro is, but Kenshiro is just glad she is still alive. Shin attacks Kenshiro with a technique called Nanto Senshu Ryu Geki (South Star Thousand Dragon Head Attack) but Kenshiro just stops it before it hits him.

The fight continues, but Kenshiro is clearly the stronger of the two and manages to hit Shin, although not hitting a pressure point. Shin moves back to Yuria and says he will destroy the object of Kenshiro's obsession -he will destroy Yuria! He stabs her in the chest before Kenshiro can do anything about it, but Kenshiro then attacks Shin with a technique called Hokuto JuJi Zan (North Star Cross Kill) and defeats him.

However, Kenshiro finds that the Yuria Shin killed is just a doll, and Shin tells him that the real Yuria has killed herself. Not wanting to die via a Hokuto Shinken technique, Shin bids Kenshiro farewell and then jumps off his fortress. Kenshiro later finds his former friend's body and decides to make a grave for him.

In the manga...

-As noted back in episode four, the battle between Ken and Shin happens right after Heart is defeated in the manga. Bat is present and witnesses the fight (the guy with the axe Ken kills falls down the steps and nearly hits him). In the anime, Bat waits outside with Lin.

-As Ken heads up the steps in the manga, a flashback shows how Ken got his seven scars. This was used all the way back in episode 5 of the anime.

-Shin's rapid stab attack was never named in the manga.

-Shin only has a minute to live in the manga, but gets three minutes in the anime.

-In the manga, Shin tells Ken about how he attacked other villages before informing him about Yuria's demise. This scene was used in episode 17 of the anime.

-You actually see Yuria's body on the ground after she jumps in the manga, whilst you can't in the anime, although the viability isn't as good.


-How did Shin get that life like doll of Yuria? Especially in a post-nuclear war world where the resources to make something like that would be next to nonexistent?

-When Ken first enters the fortress, the colors of it change from gold (the correct color) to purple between shots.

-When Shin stabs into Ken's hand, the color of Shin's sleeve is the same as his skin, instead of being white.

-Shin stabs right through Ken's hand, but such a horrendous injury just seems to magically get better within seconds. When Ken tells Shin he has three minutes left to live, the wounds just look like a particularly nasty paper cut.

-Similarly, the hand of Shin's that Ken destroys seems to get better within a few seconds.

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