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A Man Lives to Fight! The Door to the Showdown Finally Opens!
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A clip show episode which goes over most of the important events so far. Plus Shin kicks someone real bad.
Original broadcast date: February 14th 1985

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2) In the manga...
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Shin calls together his army for a meeting. Hidora, Wolf and Mahari, three of his Captains, are present, and General Barcom also appears. Barcom explains to the army about Kenshiro and how dangerous he is, as he has defeated the likes of Zeed, Colonel and even Devil Rebirth. Shin says that the world only needs one art of assassination, and his Nanto Seiken is just that.

Saki has overheard their words and goes to tell Yuria that she heard them talking about the man with seven scars. Knowing that this is Kenshiro, Yuria thinks about the time she lost Ken and he was left for dead in the desert, but she now knows he is still alive. She explains to Saki that Shin started to expand his territory in the most violent way possible: going around from town to town and killing anyone that got in his way. His men then took prisoners to make into slaves, whilst also increasing the size of his army. He told Yuria all of this was just for her.

Yuria's story is enough to reduce Saki to tears as she says that she feels so sorry for her. Meanwhile, Ken, Bat and Lin are taking cover from a sandstorm and Bat asks the big question: will they ever find Southern Cross? Meanwhile, Shin says to himself that he will never let Kenshiro take Yuria back.

In the manga...

-This is a filler episode and was never in the manga -almost. The parts where Shin kicks through a guy and his army attacks villages actually were in the manga, but they are shown when a dying Shin explains to Kenshiro how he tried to win Yuria's heart. Also at this point in the manga, Shin's men find some jewels which Shin takes and tries to impress Yuria with, but she rejects his gifts -this scene was used in the fourth episode of the anime.


-This is the only episode of the entire series which Kenshiro does not speak in, unless you count his usual "You are already dead" line at the end of the next episode preview segment. I don't.

-The clips used in this episode are the same apart from the music, which is often different from what was originally used for each clip.

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