Shin has called his army together. Three of his Captains are on the way: Hidora, the motor Captain, Wolf, the Destroy team (awesome team name there) Captain and Mahari, the Black Hawk team Captain.

The entire army soon gets together in Southern Cross, where Shin sits in a throne above them. Barcom, one of Shin's Generals, then appears next to him and begins to tell all the other men of their mission: to destroy the man with seven scars! This man is after Shin and they must stop him from ever getting to Southern Cross. But they must not underestimate Kenshiro's power, as he has already defeated many of Shin's warriors.

And this means one thing: clip show time! Do you remember the time Ken killed Zeed? Yes. Do you remember the time Ken killed Spade? Yes. Do you remember the time when Ken killed Club? Yes.

Barcom goes on to say that the martial art Kenshiro uses, Hokuto Shinken, involves the user pressing the opponent's key pressure points, which there are 708 of on the human body. Do you remember the time Ken killed Heart? Yes. Do you remember the time Ken killed the Colonel? Yes.

Do you remember the time when Ken killed Devil Rebirth? Yes. Barcom then says that according to Kenshiro, most martial artists only use 30% of their strength, whilst Hokuto Shinken is about using the other 70%. Well most of us already knew that, I hope. Shin gets up and starts his speech, saying the world only needs one killer martial art, and his Nanto Seiken will provide just that.

Saki is watching Shin's speech from behind a pilla,r, but when she hears about the man with seven scars she thinks that he could be something to do with Yuria. She starts to go off to tell her when a hand grabs her neck. She gets away and turns around to see Joker, who wants to know what she was doing there. She tells him she wasn't do anything and then runs off, but Joker has his suspicions.

Saki goes to take Yuria a new set of clothes and when she reaches her, Yuria says that there seems to be a lot of excitement coming from the main hall. Saki tells her that there are a lot of scary guys in there with Shin, who are talking about killing some guy with seven scars. Yuria knows exactly who this guy is, and when Saki further questions her she says that the man is Kenshiro, her fiance who was left for dead by Shin.

Do you remember the time Shin defeated Ken, gave him his seven scars and then took Yuria way with him whilst leaving Ken to die (after he told her to keep on living)? Yes.

In some actual new animation, Yuria goes on to say that Shin started to expand his territory, in the most violent way possible: going around from town to town and killing anyone that got in his way. His men then took prisoners to make into slaves, whilst also increasing the size of his army.

Shin kept his plan up, but would keep telling Yuria that he is doing all of this just for her. Shin went on to invade more villages and towns, sometimes personally getting involved, other times getting his massive army to take them over. Yuria goes on to tell Saki about Shin's plan to create a city that was also for her, called Southern Cross. Do you remember the time Shin and Yuria first moved to Southern Cross and Shin told Yuria that it was all hers, but she ran off in tears? Yes.

Yuria's story is enough to reduce Saki to tears as she says that she feels so sorry for her. Meanwhile, Ken, Bat and Lin are taking cover from a sandstorm and Bat asks the big question: will they ever find Southern Cross? Meanwhile, Shin says to himself that he will never let Kenshiro take Yuria back.


Shin's army is sent on the offensive and Ken has to fight again. Tune in next time for "Life or Death?! Beyond the Wasteland Lies the First Circle of Hell!"

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