Still looking for Southern Cross, Ken, Lin and Bat are out in the car again. But all they can find is desert after desert after desert. As Bat complains about this a lady on a bike overtakes them, which makes Bat even more grumpy. He believes his car is the fastest thing on wheels. But the lady is soon out of sight and they can't catch up to her, which annoys Bat even more.

However, the tables are turned when Bat finds the lady trying to repair her broken down bike. Armed with a crossbow, she immediately takes aim but then lets Bat attempts to fix her machine. Bat gets the bike running again and requests that he is rewarded with some food or water and surprisingly, the lady agrees to this and tells him and his two friends to follow her.

The group arrive in a city, but someone has spotted them enter: Joker. Pleased that he has finally found out where Kenshiro is, he heads back to Southern Cross. Soon Wolf and his Destroy team are sent out to go and kill the man with seven scars.

As Shin watches the Destroy team depart, Barcom tells him that said team has been trained to think of nothing but fighting, and that they will surely be able to destroy Kenshiro. Meanwhile, the lady on the bike, Jennifer, has taken Ken's group to her home in the village, where she finds out that Ken is trying to get to Southern Cross. She asks the village elder if he knows where it is and whilst he knows that Southern Cross contains King's palace, he doesn't know about the actual location. He just remembers that a while a go the men of King raided various towns, capturing people to make them into slaves, so they could build the new city.

Meanwhile the Destroy team arrive in the city where Kenshiro is meant to be. Wolf doesn't want to spend ages looking for him, and instead sets it up so he will come to them. He has his army smash up as much of the city as possible, which includes the use of a wrecking ball. Kenshiro soon arrives and finds himself up against two trucks, along with the dreaded crane with wrecking ball attachment.

The trucks attempt to ram into Ken, but one shirt ripping sequence later and he blocks them both with just his hands. Wolf is surprised at the man with seven scar's strength.

The crane operator attempts to hit Ken with the wrecking ball but he misses and destroys the trucks. He then has another go but this time Ken leaps up and cuts the wrecking ball in half, and one piece goes into the vehicle and destroys it. Wolf orders his men to attack, but within just a few seconds Ken kills them all.


(North Star Thousand Chained Kick)

Joker sees that Wolf has reached his limit, and so sends in another team of bandits led by a man called Goras. He immediately takes his gang into the city and kills many people, wounds Jennifer and captures Bat and Lin before retreating. Meanwhile Wolf uses a flamethrower against Kenshiro, but...

...he is quickly disposed of by Kenshiro who uses the Hokuto Zankai Ken on him. Jennifer then appears and says that whilst she is alright, the bad news is that a bunch of thugs on bikes have taken Bat and Lin. Kenshiro gets on a bike of his own and sets out to rescue them.

In Southern Cross, Saki runs in to Yuria's room and tells her mistress that she heard that Kenshiro is in a town nearby, and they should get out of here and find him. Whether or not that is something Yuria will go through with remains to be seen but meanwhile, Bat and Lin have been tied to a cross, which is attached to Goras' vehicle. Goras and his gang are out in a desert. Kenshiro finds them quickly enough and after chasing them for a few seconds they all stop.

Goras says that he and his men are former speed racers. Can Kenshiro beat them? Well, yes, he can, because at the end of the day they are all just a bunch of guys on bikes, who Ken wastes no time in killing. However, Goras plays his trump card which is a huge and fully working tank! Can Hokuto Shinken defeat a tank? After saying that he says he doesn't need his hostages any more and sends them in Ken's direction whilst he gets inside his tank.

Groas moves his tank forward and fires, but Ken manages to move Bat and Lin out of the way just in time. He tells them to wait behind a rock, whilst he goes off to take on this tank. Goras sees Kenshiro walking his way and fires again, but even a shell can't seem to effect him.

Goras tells the driver to just run Ken over, but just as the tank is in range Kenshiro kills him with a well timed punch through the window. Goras assumes command of the tank, but before he can even do anything Ken starts to use a rapid series of punches and kicks.

Ken hits the tank so much that it overloads and Goras has to get out, as his vehicle has caught fire. As he does he has one of his pressure points pressed by Ken, who tells him that he no longer has control over his body and he can go and die inside his precious tank. Goras then shuts himself back in the tank, and a few seconds later it explodes as Ken walks back to where Lin and Bat were hiding.

In Southern Cross, Shin is listening to Yuria's music as she plays her harp, but there seems to be something different about her tune...and when he runs up to where "Yuria" is, he removes her cloak to reveal her head and find out that it isn't the love of his life at all. The real Yuria is trying to get out of the city, but two guards won't let them, even when they realise who they are dealing with.

Yuria gives Saki a signal and she pulls out a gun. The guards decide to let them pass, but just as they are about to escape Shin arrives. He says that Yuria can leave if she wants, but he will kill the girl who disguised herself as Yuria if she does go. Yuria gets Saki to lower her gun and Shin starts to laugh. He says that he still has many more warriors ready to attack Ken and reminds everyone that the man with seven scars will never be allowed to set foot in Southern Cross.


As Shin stated, he still has many more warriors to send in against Kenshiro and prevent him from entering Southern Cross. Tune in next time for "Villains! Ready Your One-Way Tickets to Death!!"

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