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Life or Death?! Beyond the Wasteland Lies the First Circle of Hell!
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Kenshiro meets Jennifer, as Wolf and his army are sent to kill the man with seven scars.
Original broadcast date: February 21st 1985

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Still looking for Southern Cross, Ken, Lin and Bat are out in the car again when a woman called Jennifer overtakes them. Bat later sees Jennifer having problems with her bike, which he fixes. Jennifer takes them back to a village, but Joker has seen them and gets Wolf and his army to go out and attack. Then enter the village, killing people and damaging buildings with demolition vehicles, but Kenshiro soon appears and defeats them. Wolf is killed when Kenshiro uses the Hokuto Zankai Ken against him.

During the battle, Bat and Lin are captured by a guy called Goras. Having found about what has happened from Jennifer, Ken goes after them only to find Goras has a fully operational tank at his disposal. Hiding Bat and Lin in a safe place, Ken takes on the tank and uses his Hokuto Shinken to do so much damage the tank overloads. Goras tries to escape, but is struck by Kenshiro and is made to wait in his tank. The tank explodes seconds later, killing him.

Meanwhile in Southern Cross, Saki and Yuria attempt to flee the city, having heard that Kenshiro is in a nearby town. They nearly manage it when Shin appears, and threatens to kill a woman who had disguised herself as Yuria. Yuria gives up as Shin says that he still has many more warriors ready to attack Ken. He reminds everyone that the man with seven scars will never be allowed to set foot in Southern Cross.

In the manga...

-This is a filler episode and was never in the manga.


-The way Kenshiro performs the Hokuto Zankai Ken in this episode -leaping up and being upside down when doing it -would later be used in the Arc System Works Hokuto no Ken fighting game for the arcades and Playstation 2. It is one of Kenshiro's super moves.

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