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Villains! Ready Your One-Way Tickets to Death!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Another part of Shin's army is sent out to kill the man with seven scars.
Original broadcast date: February 28th 1985

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In Southern Cross, Saki's brother is being tortured for trying to oppose Shin's rule. Yuria tries to stop this, but ultimately it is Shin who saves his life by killing the torturer. Saki's brother, Temjina, later decides to try and find Kenshiro and tell him where Southern Cross is. He gets on a bike and manages to escape from the city. Elsewhere, another part of Shin's army, led by a warrior called Garekki, arrive at the village Jennifer lives in. Garekki demands that Kenshiro is sent out to them as they believe he is in there.

Jennifer and another man manage to escape their city and head out to where Kenshiro is, who had been trying to follow some troops of Shin's. Ken heads back towards the village, but encounters Mahari and his army of helicopters. Ken takes over Mahari's aircraft and gets him to do what he wants, which leads to the destruction of all the other helicopters. Ken soon confronts Garekki and is introduced to his crazy Nanto Ningen Houdan (South Star Human Cannonball) fighting style, but he defeats his army and then defeats him with a move called Hokuto Koku Zan (North Star Sky Slash).

Garekki had put a couple of kids in a balloon and sent it up into the sky for some evil reason, but Ken fires Garekki out of a cannon and he pieces the balloon with his blade. The balloon descends, whilst Garekki dies when he hits the ground at a fast speed and explodes. Just then, Temjina arrives in the city and just about manages to tell Kenshiro that Southern Cross is located next to the green land in the "eye of the devil", before he dies from the injuries he has sustained. Ken promises to avenge him.

In the manga...

-This is a filler episode and was never in the manga. However, those two ladies with Shin near the start of the episode actually were in the manga, but they featured much earlier -they are with Shin when he kills those two guys for running away instead of fighting (a scene used in episode 3 of the anime). They also wore significantly less clothing in the manga.


-The way the blood trickles across the sniper scope in the opening scene is a tribute to the James Bond movies, most of which open in a similar way.


-Mahari has a different design to when he last saw him in episode 17. Whilst I suppose it could well be possible he had more than one outfit, the fact remains that his hair has changed color between his appearances.

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