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Joker gets two gangs to work together to try and kill Kenshiro.
Original broadcast date: February 7th 1985

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Ken, Bat and Lin see are in a village, where Bat puts on a show to try and get food. His plan fails, but he gets the attention of some members of the Snake gang, who aren't happy that he is on their turf. Bat is saved by a kid called Sela. Later on, the Snakes and their leader Junk are about to get into a fight with their rivals, the Scorpions, who are led by Baron. Before they can start fighting, Joker appears and tells them to join forces and kill the man with seven scars. Fearing what would happen if they disobey the orders of Shin, the two gangs unite. Some members of the Snakes find Ken hiding out in Sela's place, but they are defeated.

Baron arrives at Sela's house, but asks Ken if he would like to join their gang. Ken says he will, and as the two sides break their alliance and decide to attack each other, Ken reveals to Baron that him joining them was just a ploy. The gangs have already suffered large losses, but Ken then enters the fight.

After defeating what is left of each side, Ken hits pressure points on Junk and Baron which make them hug each other, breaking each other's spines in the process and evetually exploding. Joker reports this to Shin, who is not happy and decides to have a meeting with the rest of his army. Meanwhile, Lin says farewell to Sela as she, Bat and Ken leave his village.

In the manga...

-This is a filler episode and was never in the manga.


-The art in this episode isn't great at times. Kenshiro is often drawn badly/weirdly, especially during the end fight scenes.


-When Ken rips his jacket off, there is a shot of his head a few seconds later where his jacket is back on.

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