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Count to Three! You're the One Who'll Die!!
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Kenshiro gets put into a bad fan fiction story starring a vampire and his zombie army.
Original broadcast date: January 31st 1985


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Ken, Bat and Lin see a village which is surrounded by a thick fog. Venturing in, they find that it has a lot of food available, but it is only available to someone called Zaria. They also see a young women called Karen being chased down by some punks, but Ken steps in to save her. However, the punks are killed by someone else, who uses a style known as Nanto Ashou Ken (South Star Dark Bell Fist) to split them partially in half from a distance. Knowing Kenshiro has arrived, Zaria waits until night and then uses some kind of spell to turn the villagers into zombies, who do his bidding.

Ken, Bat and Lin are in Karen's house as this is going on. Lin is in a different room with Karen, but the latter becomes a zombie and puts a spell on Lin to make her go to Zaria's cathedral. Ken and Bat find Karin and manage to turn her back to normal, as Ken finds out where Lin went. He heads over to the cathedral with Karen following (Bat gets trapped on a chimney, surrounded by zombies) to confront Zaria.

Zaria's spell techniques even seem to effect Kenshiro, but thanks to Lin's tears he manages to wake up in time and uses the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken on him, and then kicks him with such force that he crashes through the ceiling and is eventually split in two. With Zaria dead, the people return to normal and the village is freed of his evil influence. Lin is also returned to normal.

In the manga...

-This is a filler episode and was never in the manga.


-Katsuji Mori -Zaria's voice actor -would later return to the series to voice Shuu, a much more major character.

-Some of the animation from this episode was taken from the first one. Very lazy.


-When Ken tries to wake Karen up, his shoulder pad is blue instead of gray.

-This entire episode.

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