Ken, Bat and Lin are on the move again and reach a place surrounded by a lot of fog. Pel starts to growl and Lin wonders what is wrong her dog, but Bat finds a town and they head there. At first, the place seems deserted but they then see that they actually seem to have lots and lots of food. They see a couple of tractors go past with trailers full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

However they also see a lot of human bones on the ground and then it appears that this town is just as bad as previous ones they've been to in terms of having biker gangs. Several bikers are chasing after a young girl. They knock over one of the tractor trailers and Bat sees this as his big chance to grab some free food. But a man stops him and says that all this food is for Zaria. Before he can explain any more than that, they both turn to see the girl been cornered by the punks, who say they like her and want her to play with them for a bit.

Kenshiro quickly steps in and says he'll play with them. After nearly breaking two of the punk's arms it doesn't take him long to send the group packing. The punks say that he is in a lot of trouble now, but then a bell is suddenly heard ringing. The punks and the towns people seem to know what this is, and all of the punks wonder if Zaria is angry at them.

The bell continues to ring, and a few seconds later the punks start to scream as they are all suddenly split in half!


(South Star Dark Bell Fist)

The girl Ken saved, Karen, is kind enough to give Ken's group a room and she has a small meal for them all. Bat asks why the food is so lousy, and she explains that all of the good food goes straight to Zaria, the man who rules the city. Lin then says that she doesn't feel that well and so Karen takes her to the room next door to rest.

As Ken looks outside he wonders about who this Zaria could be. In another part of the town, Zaria stands at the top of a building saying that he knows the man with seven scars is here and Shin has given him orders to kill him. Meanwhile Karen has taken Lin and she says that Lin somehow feels like a little sister to her, something she has always wanted.

Zaria then starts his plan and the bell starts to ring again. As it starts to ring he shouts out to his "servants" and tells them to rise up and kill the man with seven scars. And with that, the entire population of the town turn into red-eyed zombies who set off to where Ken is! When Karen starts to hear the bell she begs Zaria to spare Ken and his friends, but soon she cannot resist Zaria's curse.

And soon she is a zombie who wakes up Lin. In the next room Bat shows Ken an apple he managed to swipe earlier, but instead of eating it all for himself he says that he'll go and give it to Lin to try and make her feel better. Before he can get out of the door though they hear something outside. They take a look out of the window and they see that they have a problem -incoming zombies!

Zombie Karen puts Lin under a spell and tells her to go to Zaria now. Meanwhile Ken tells Bat to go and get Karen and Lin. Bat goes into the room next door only to find that Karen seems to have gone. He goes to the bed and asks Lin if she is alright, but as he moves the sheets a blue hand grabs him and he finds himself under attack by knife-wielding Karen!

The zombies arrive and break down the window. Ken fights them off, although he doesn't kill them. Instead, he throws a few back outside and then goes into the next room where Bat is. He sees Karen has fallen under the influence of evil, but he hits a pressure point on her neck which knocks her out.

This does turn her back to a human though. Ken says that someone is using mass hypnosis to make the villagers attack them and they need to put a stop to it, whilst finding where Lin is. Karen must know that, so Ken breaks the through the ceiling and gets everyone up to the roof of the building. He wakes Karen up and she tells him that Lin will have gone to Zaria's cathedral.

Ken uses the roofs of other buildings to make his way across to there, after telling Bat to look after Karen. But after seeing Ken go Karen decides to also slowly make her way across, leaving Bat all on his own to deal with the zombie threat. Which he does by hiding on a chimney where the zombies can't get at him...for now. Ken reaches the cathedral first and heads inside, finding several statues in there.

Ken reaches the cathedral first and finds a lot of people with swords waiting for him. Using the North Star hundred way slash, he defeats the group and then sees Zaria waiting for him next to a statue. He asks where Lin is and points upwards... where she is standing on a ledge which is over a high rise. Zaria says that she can only hear his voice now. Karen walks in silently and sees the situation without Zaria knowing she is there. She runs up the stairs to get to where Lin is. Meanwhile, Zaria tells Ken that his fate was sealed the moment he walked into his cathedral. He starts to do some strange motions with his hands.

This is another of Zaria's spells and not only does it freeze Ken so he can't move, it also brings back to life the corpses of the men that were defeated earlier. Even the ones without their heads get back up. Zaria says he'll have them rip him apart, but as Ken stands there he calls out to Lin, who hears his voice and starts to cry. She calls out back to him as the wind blows, and some of her tears hit Ken's face.

Zaria rushes forward to attack, only for Ken to wake up just in time and kick one of Zaria's hands. He then knocks back a couple of the resurrected men by elbowing them.

Zaria can't believe someone broke his spell, but then he is put into great pain as his hand shatters. The zombies he brought back to life are also torn apart by a pressure point Ken just struck on them.


(Life Snatching Decaying Fist)

Zaria sees Karen with Lin up above and runs up to where they are, but Ken leaps up and kicks Zaria back before he can do anything to them. After ripping his shirt, he performs the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken on him which destroys his glasses, shows that he is a baldie and then after a few extra kicks for good measure, sends him through the ceiling of his cathedral.

Ken then tells him to count to three and die. Three seconds later, Zaria's body is split into two and degrades to dust as both he, the bell and his entire cathedral fall to pieces. This ends his curse over the villagers, who return back to normal and see the destruction of Zaria's cathedral in the distance.

The next morning Lin hugs Ken, saying that she knew he would come and save her, but she didn't want him to almost get killed to do it. There is a rather sappy scene of the girls crying and Ken saying nothing. But at least Zaria is gone, resulting in the town being freed of his evil curse, so a happy ending all in all.


Two rival gangs are always fighting each other, putting the lives of innocent people at risk. Ken gets involved, but he doesn't know that Joker is pulling strings behind the scenes. Tune in next time for "Try to Sing Villains! The Counting Rhyme of Hell!!"

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