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A Miserable Era! The Good Die So Young!!
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Shin sends the first of his Nanto trained warriors against Kenshiro.
Original broadcast date: January 24th 1985

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2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Shin decides to start sending his strongest warriors against Kenshiro. His first choice is Dante, a master of Nanto Hyakuzan Ken (South Star Hundred Slash Fist). As he and his men head out to where Kenshiro was last spotted, Ken and friends arrive in a village. After some initial misunderstanding from the villagers, a guy called Duran clears everything up and invites them into the village. Duran is the villager's doctor, but he has a secret, dark past -he used to be part of Dante's gang. That night, two of the gang enter Duran's cabin and tell him to kill Kenshiro with some gunpowder. If he doesn't do it, they will kill everyone in his village.

With no other choice, Duran leads Kenshiro up a volcano the next morning, telling him he wants some help in getting some herbs. However, he blows up the gunpowder and the large explosion is seen by Dante and his gang. As they head up the volcano, they are surprised to see that Kenshiro is still standing!

One of the gang members takes a young girl hostage, but Duran saves her at the cost of his own life. Kenshiro then fights them, taking out all of the gang with one move before fighting Dante. Dante manages to strike Kenshiro once, but it isn't enough and he is hit with the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken. Ken hit pressure points on Dante which make him walk forward, and he ends up falling into the volcano itself. Later on, a grave is constructed for Duran.

In the manga...

-This is a filler episode and was never in the manga.


-When Bat points out the village up ahead, Ken's left arm flashes blue for a few frames.

-The way Duran juggles those stones is pretty unrealistic, unless his village has the moon's gravity.

-Dante's gang initially consists of tons of guys in cars and on bikes, but there are only four guys with him when he goes to the volcano.

-When Dante looks through the binoculars and sees Ken and Duran, the pair are walking away from the volcano instead of towards it.

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