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Rakan Nioh Ken! Once Released There's No Stopping It!!
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In a do or die plan, Jackal releases Devil Rebirth against Kenshiro.
Original broadcast date: January 17th 1985

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Joker has taken Jackal up onto the top of a building and tells him Kenshiro is on the way -he told him where they are. He tells Jackal that he must go to villain prison and release the monster Devil Rebirth against Kenshiro. He gives Jackal a necklace which has a picture of the monster's mother on it, which should be enough to convince Devil Rebirth to trust him. Jackal goes to the prison and releases the beast, and manages to trick it into thinking that he is his long lost brother. Kenshiro soon arrives, and tries to attack Devil, but his kick is grabbed and he is thrown through the prison's ceiling.

Devil leaps up through the ceiling and Ken can't believe the speed of such a big being. Jackal tells him that Devil Rebirth has more than just a huge body and great strength. He is a master of a forbidden fighting style called Rakan Nioh Ken (Arhat Deva King Fist). Kenshiro uses a secret technique of the Hokuto Shinken style which lets him use 100% of his power. Devil tries to crush Kenshiro, only to have his hands blown apart.

Kenshiro then uses a technique called Hokuto Schchishiseiten (North Star Seven Star Points of Death) against Devil, which involves striking key parts on his body seven times. Devil hits the ground and parts of his body blow apart. In great pain, he grabs Jackal and tells him how much pain he is in. Ken lights a stick of Jackal's dynamite and places it on the ground near him, telling Jackal he can only escape by convincing Devil Rebirth to let go of him. Jackal fails to do this and both he and Devil are killed in the explosion. Later on, Ken finds some adults to populate Toyo's village, meaning her wish of seeing the village populated have come true.

In the manga...

-Jackal runs straight to the prison without Joker's help in the manga, since Joker is an anime exclusive character anyway.

-Jackal already knows about Devil in the manga as he used to be a prisoner in that prison with him before he escaped. He stole that necklace from him a long time a go. In the anime, Joker has to give him the necklace.

-The prison does not have a flag with the Bloody Cross symbol on in the manga. The prison has nothing to do with Shin, who is dead at this point.

-The next chapter of the manga starts with Ken returning to Johnny's bar (Johnny is glad to see him, see the previous ep for more details) and finds out from Bat and Lin that a village elder has agreed to take Toyo's children back to his village and let them stay there, but on one condition -Ken must help the village out in defeating the Fang clan. This is the start of an arc which won't be seen in the anime for several more episodes, as the writers decided to add a lot more filler for some dumb reason.


-When Jackal sees Ken looking at him, the black band on Ken's right arm is the same color as the bandages on his left arm.

-Jackal's pants are skin colored when Devil smashes down his cell's door, instead of being brown.

-In the previous episode, Jackal used all of his dynamite fighting Ken, but Ken takes a stick from him near the end of this one. Where did it come from? I doubt Jackal had the time to get any more from anywhere, and Joker didn't give him any.

-What is the deal with the ending of this episode? How did Ken magically find all those adults? The kids of Toyo's village recognise them, and some are said to be their relatives, so maybe they were the ones who left the village when it couldn't get any water. But even still, how did Kenshiro find them?

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