Joker has taken Jackal near to where villain prison is, and tells him what he wants to do: go into the prison and free the great evil known as Devil Rebirth. This monster is known to have killed over 700 people and survived over 13 execution attempts -with things like strangulation and electrocution not working. So instead, he was sentenced to imprisonment forever. If Devil Rebirth is let loose, he will surely be able to destroy Kenshiro. Jackal is scared and says that if he releases that monster, there isn't any guarantee with what will happen. Jackal tells him to look to the left for a moment. He does so with a pair of binoculars and sees Kenshiro walking in their direction!

For added pressure, Joker reveals that it was he who told Kenshiro where they were, and if Jackal doesn't complete his new task, not only will Ken be after him but so will all of Shin's army. Jackal has no choice but to accept this offer and asks how is meant to control Devil Rebirth. Jackal tosses him a pendant which contains a picture of the monster's mother and he should go about using that. Joker then leaves after summoning his giant eagle.

Jackal changes his mind and decides to just try and get as far away from Kenshiro as he can. He goes to move down a ladder, but as he looks down he sees that Kenshiro has already found him. He tries to climb back up, but Ken just rips the ladder off the wall and throws it to the ground, and Jackal has to change his mind once again. He starts to run as fast as he can to villain prison. Kenshiro says that he will destroy Jackal's evil.

Meanwhile, back at Toyo's village, Bat is doing something incredibly stupid, as usual -teaching the kids how to fight. Now that this village has a water supply, Bat says that the kids need to know how to defend themselves if any punks come to try and steal any water from them. As he sends groups out to hit training dummies tied to posts, Lin says that it is no time to be playing war, but Bat says that this is serious and tells everyone to take it one more time from the top.

Jackal makes it to villain prison. The place is under the control of Shin, as it has the Bloody Cross flag on it. There are two guards outside and he immediately demands the key for the lowest level cell in the complex. The guards realise why Jackal is here and are immediately terrified, as it means that Jackal is going to let "him" out. The guard with the key is so scared that he swallows it... Jackal slices him in half to get it back. By the time Kenshiro arrives the other guard is hysterical and runs away from the prison, leaving Ken to venture in alone. Meanwhile, Jackal finds the massive cell where Devil Rebirth is being held. He can hear the monster's breathing from where he is.

Jackal lays out some explosives and uses them to severely weaken the massive cell door. A few seconds later, giant purple hands break through, and soon the entire door has been destroyed. The beast is unleashed!

The monstrous Devil Rebirth demands to know why he was locked away in the darkness. He breaks free from his chains and asks Jackal if he was the one who did this to him. Jackal tries to run away but Devil grabs him and asks again, which triggers Jackal into finally responding.

Jackal tells him that he is his long lost brother, and then shows him the pendant with the picture of their mother. He goes on to say that they were separated when they were very young, but he never forgot about his brother and has risked his life to come and rescue him. He then throws a couple of bombs at the roof, destroying part of it and letting some light shrine though. Devil Rebirth is happy to finally be able to see the light again, and believes Jackal's story.

Devil Rebirth then drops Jackal as he is so happy to see the light, but then they both here someone behind them. Kenshiro steps into the room, saying that Jackal should become an actor with his talents and that this monster must be the last trump card he has left to play. But Jackal decides to press his luck and stands in front of Devil Rebirth, telling Kenshiro that he will not lay one finger on his brother. He then tells Devil Rebirth that this man has come to lock him up again and keep him in the darkness.

Devil Rebirth moves his brother out of the way and then turns his attention to Kenshiro, asking if it was him who locked him away for so many years. Jackal tells him to kill Kenshiro, so he picks up a massive rock and throws it at him.

Ken jumps out of the way and tries to kick him in the head, but despite his large size, Devil Rebirth is very quick and grabs his leg before tossing him upwards. Ken hits part of the ceiling with such force that it breaks off and he is sent outside. Meanwhile Jackal is ecstatic as with Devil Rebirth on his side nobody will be able to defeat him. Devil jumps up and lands in what seems to be the ruins of a baseball stadium, which had been converted into a prison.

Jackal also climbs out and as Kenshiro is amazed at his massive opponent, Jackal tells him that Devil Rebirth has more than just a huge body and great strength. Devil Rebirth then waves his arms about and goes into a stance.


(Arhat Deva King Fist)

"The Arhat Deva King Fist is a deadly martial art with the history of 5000 years. Having nearly unlimited destructive power, it is a killing technique that was considered to be too cruel so it was forbidden. It was said that the technique was never passed on."

Jackal laughs and tells Ken that Devil Rebirth's brute strength wasn't just the thing he had to kill over 700 people, it was the Rakan Nioh Ken style he has learnt. Ken says that if Rakan Nioh Ken style is the personification of the devil, then he will show them that Hokuto Shinken is the personification of God! And with that, he begins to charge up energy and rip his shirt.


(North Star Devine Fist Secret Technique: The Art of Dragon's Breath)

Ken's technique may not have done him any good though, as Jackal tells Devil Rebirth to use one of Rakan Nioh Ken's moves quickly. The monster starts to wave his arms at fast speeds which let him control the air and send a gale force wind straight at Ken.


(Wind Kill Iron Fist)

This attacks sends Kenshiro back and he crashes through a wall. Will him out of the way, Jackal thinks that he will never have to fear anyone else again, not even Shin will be able to stand up to Devil Rebirth's power. He tells Devil they will leave, but then hears some noise behind him.

Kenshiro lives! He gets back up and says that the Temryu Kokyu Hou lets him use 100% of his power, and that anyone who sees this secret technique must die. Jackal tells Devil Rebirth not to use fancy techniques, but to just smash Kenshiro to bits.

Ken leaps up into the air, but so does Devil Rebirth, who grabs his opponent and starts to crush him with his hands. But then his hands burst open as Kenshiro has hit pressure points on them. Jackal can't believe it, as Kenshiro moves right in front of Devil's head.


(North Star Seven Star Points of Death)

Kenshiro does a series of punches to seven different parts of Devil Rebirth's body whilst moving down. Devil lands, but seconds later, the effects of the attack happen as Devil loses one of his eyes and parts of his body blow apart.

Jackal sees that he is now in big trouble. He tells Ken that as he has managed to kill Devil Rebirth, he will go off to tell everyone about it. But Devil Rebirth isn't quite dead yet and grabs his "brother", begging him for help as he is in a lot of pain. Jackal ends his lies by telling him that he isn't his brother really, but Devil Rebirth's mind has gone at this point and he doesn't listen. He doesn't let go of his brother and Kenshiro walks up to tell Jackal that he will have to use his acting talent to get him to let go. Ken then takes out one of Jackal's sticks of dynamite and lights it before walking away.

Jackal fails to escape from Devil Rebirth, resulting in an explosive death for him and his "brother". Kenshiro continues to walk away.

Meanwhile at Southern Cross, Yuria and Saki are out in Shin's fortress and have found something amazing growing on one of the courtyards: a flower! Yuria starts to think about Kenshiro once again and how he told her to keep living, and she says she will keep that promise to him. Saki then sees another flower and they both go to look at it as Shin watches them and gets depressed. Yuria was smiling when she saw that flower, but why can he never get her to smile like that for him?

Joker then teleports in and starts to give a report, but before he can finish it Shin correctly guesses that Devil Rebirth has died at the hands of Kenshiro. As Joker departs Shin turns around and says that whilst Kenshiro is not the same man that he once knew, he will now send the most powerful fighters he has. They are trained in different style of Nanto Seiken. From here, Kenshiro's true hell will begin.

Back at Toyo's village, a group of adults arrive in a truck and are re-united with their children. Kenshiro gets out of the vehicle and says that nobody will attack this village any more now that The Warriors have all been destroyed. Lin and Bat are happy to see Ken again. Later on, Bat, Lin and Taki think about Toyo, and are glad that the village will become populated again.


The first of Shin's strongest warriors appears to challenge Kenshiro. Next time on Hokuto no Ken: "A Miserable Era! The Good Die So Young!!"

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