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A Nightmarish All-Out Battle! My Fists Pack 100 Volts!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Kenshiro heads towards Southern Cross, but the most powerful weapon of Shin's army is sent to stop him.
Original broadcast date: March 7th 1985

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Ken finds out where Southern Cross is potentially located and heads out that with Bat and Lin. Jennifer also goes with them, as she wants to help -many of her friends have died because of Shin. They leave her village, but are almost immediately attacked by Hidora and his army. It doesn't take that long for the good guys to win and Hidora is killed by Kenshiro. When Shin learns of this, he has the South Star rail cannon sent out, which is controlled by a guy called Tohda.

The cannon is capable of causing large scale destruction, but Jennifer notes how long it takes it to reload. She heads out on a bike and tries to distract the cannon and buy Kenshiro enough time to move towards it. However, Jennifer is shot at and killed as a result. Ken runs towards the cannon and by the time the crew have reloaded, he is already there. He kills the majority of the crew, but Tohda has escaped and gotten onboard the wreckage of a battleship. The weapons on the ship still work, but they fail to stop Kenshiro from ramming the cannon train into it.

Kenshiro hunts down Tohda and kills him in the ship, but General Barcom and a fleet of small helicopters arrive and bomb the ship. Later on, Bat and Lin head out to the ship and see that it has been totally wrecked, but there are no signs of Kenshiro anywhere.

In the manga...

-This is a filler episode and was never in the manga.


-Hidora is now black, whilst in his debut appearance, he was white. His hair color and outfit have also changed between episodes.

-When Barcom is first shown in his helicopter, his helmet has protection around both of his eyes, instead of just his right one.

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