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The Evil Palace in Flames! Shin! Only One More Step to You Now!!
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General Barcom attempts to overthrow Shin.
Original broadcast date: March 14th 1985

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Shin has two of his men take Saki. She is thrown into the back of a truck, which leaves Southern Cross. Shin believes that Saki had been a bad influence on Yuria. Meanwhile, General Barcom is having a meeting with the other Generals of Shin's army, and most of them are not happy that they have not been rewarded for killing Kenshiro. Barcom suggests that try and overthrow Shin, something all but one General, Nariman, is prepared to go along with. Nariman tries to leave, but Barcom fights and kills him. They then all head out to where Shin and Yuria are and confront their former leader.

Barcom tells his troops to attack, but Shin kills many of them with little effort. He eventually gets Barcom to challenge him himself, and the two fight in front of the rest of the army. Barcom uses a technique called Yoki Genyu Ken (Ghostly Illusion Fist), which hits Shin, but fails to kill him. He tries this technique for a second time, but Shin stops his fists by grabbing them and then performs a secret move of his style called Nanto Hiryu Ken (South Star Flying Dragon Fist).

Shin completely destroys Barcom and asks if anyone else would like to challenge him. The remaining troops flee in panic, but regroup in the city and start a mass riot, fighting among themselves and causing as much destruction as possible. Meanwhile, Kenshiro has survived the bombing and confronts Joker. He defeats him by using the Hokuto Zankai Ken on him and then heads on towards Southern Cross. When he reaches the city, he sees that it is in chaos, but he must still enter it. The fated final confrontation between Kenshiro and Shin draws closer!

In the manga...

-This is a filler episode and was never in the manga. However, the scene where Shin fights Barcom was taken from the one shot manga version of Hokuto no Ken, with the roles of Shin and Barcom originally belonging to Kenshiro Kasumi and Baiken Kinbu respectively. The claw weapon Nariman briefly uses against Barcom was also a weapon Baiken used. For more information on the early manga, click here.


-The wounds on Shin's chest vanish when he catches Yuria.

-When Ken shows himself and fights Joker, his red shirt repeatedly appears and disappears during the battle.

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