Kenshiro stands outside a door of the tower. He opens the door and heads inside, and the after going through a couple of rooms with nothing in them he arrives on one which contains a lot of statues. As he moves along he senses something and destroys several of the statues, revealing hidden men inside them who die in the usual exploding ways.

Back in the city, as the girls are busy watching Pel drink, Bat is getting into an argument with Johnny. Bat thinks that Kenshiro is fine and has probably wiped out God's Army by now but Johnny says that he doesn't know what he is going up against, as the leader of the army has a superhuman power!

Johnny then tells Bat about the time they hired a bunch of 10 tough guys to go and destroy the colonel, and they managed to surround him. But before they could attack, he killed the lot of them in a split second using two boomerang weapons. He goes on to say that even Kenshiro will have no chance against him

Just then two guys pop in with a coffin. Lin and Bat wonder who it is for when one of the men says "that martial artist guy" and they realise that it is meant for Ken! This was Johnny's doing and he says that they may as well hold a decent funeral for him, but Bat and Lin are not impressed and go about smashing the coffin to pieces. Johnny reflects on how hopeless the situation is.

Meanwhile, Kenshiro is still making his way through the tower when the next room he goes in shrines red, and two big tigers head in his direction. But Hokuto Shinken can still be used on them without causing them to explode, and he hits the pair in the face and knocks them out. He then opens up the next door and this room has a yellow shine to it.

Before Ken can move forward several needles are thrown at him and crash into his chest. These needles start to drain the blood out of his body and four soldiers appear telling him that they have now won. But Kenshiro just says that Hokuto Shinken is invincible and proceeds to go into a stance, which stops him from loosing any more blood and forces the needles out of him. They hit the floor before the surprised soldiers.

One of the soldiers says that he is the Captain of the elite forces, but this doesn't bother Ken and he makes a big mess out of three of the soldiers. The Captain then attacks, but is also defeated and his body is blown apart.

Ken continues onward and soon arrives at a large door. He opens it and heads inside, and sees a wanted poster of him on the floor. More worryingly however is that on one of the walls is a picture of Shin! He wonders what that picture is there for, but then senses someone else in the room with him.

The Colonel appears and tells Ken that the man in that picture is their God, and God has a commandment for God's Army: kill the man with seven scars! He then reveals his boomerang weapons and prepares to fight.

Meanwhile, the remains of the coffin are in a pile of junk and Johnny says sorry for not thinking about Bat and Lin's feelings. As he and Bat head back to the bar, Lin is worrying about Kenshiro and what might have happened to him. She then sees a pipe bomb in the junk she could use it. Seconds later the noise of an engine can be heard and as Bat and Lin head outside, they see Lin driving away in the car!

Johnny gets his own set of wheels so he and Bat can go after her, and he also shows Bat a box of grenades he got by trading a load of food a while a go. They then start to chase after Lin, whilst the Colonel starts his attack. Ken jumps over his opponent, but the boomerangs come back and slash his legs.

The reason the Colonel managed to hit Kenshiro is because he has a telepathic ability, and can read Kenshiro's mind to see what he is going to do. But as he tries to use the boomerangs again, Kenshiro leaps up into the air and destroys them with:


(Ultimate Energy Flow Dance)

This lets Ken study the air and any differences in the flow of it, meaning he could pinpoint exactly where the boomerangs were going and destroy them. But the Colonel has more tricks up his sleeve and says that he has studied every martial art there is - Chinese ones are his specialty. He then reveals claws on his hands and says he will now attack with the most powerful martial art there is: Nanto Muon Ken (South Star Silent Fist). Ken tries to attack, but his kicks keep missing and then he gets slashed.

Meanwhile Lin arrives at the bottom of the tower and thinks that Kenshiro must be inside it. She is also about to enter when what is left of God's Army appears and catches her. She takes one guy out, but the rest are about to kill her.

Several grenades are suddenly thrown and miraculously, they take out all of the soldiers whilst leaving Lin relatively unscathed. This was thanks to Bat and Johnny, but before they can get her to come to them she runs off inside the tower! Bat has to chase after her whilst Johnny waits at the bottom.

The Colonel continues his attack, but Kenshiro suppresses all of his body's aura meaning that his opponent will not be able to predict where he is going to attack next. Colonel attacks anyway, but all of his swipes are avoided by Kenshiro, who does this with his eyes closed. Colonel makes another swipe, but Ken grabs his arm and stops his assault.

Kenshiro then uses the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken to send Colonel flying. The Colonel cannot believe that someone actually managed to touch him. As Ken tells him that he is a martial arts master, the door behind the pair opens and Lin appears saying that she has come to help Ken fight!

What she really means is that she is here to get in the way and as Ken is telling her to get back, the Colonel sees his chance. He grabs a spear and throws is at Lin, but Kenshiro stops it at the last moment. However, he doesn't stop the Colonel throwing another spear which pieces Ken's right arm.

The Colonel believes he has won and says that with a wound like that, Ken will not be as powerful and he should get ready to continue the fight. But then he is put into great pain as Ken tells him that he pressed his "Doumei" pressure point, which causes him to go blind. The Colonel swipes wildly, but Ken grabs his arm and then hits another pressure point on his head.


(North Star Bone Crushing Fist)

Kenshiro tells the Colonel that it is now his turn to enter the darkness and as the Colonel makes more wild swipes he vents his frustration: with the power Kenshiro has, why hasn't he used it to take over the world? He could have anything he wants! But he doesn't get to think about this for long as he then has a particularly nasty death. With the Colonel destroyed, God's Army has been defeated and Lin runs across saying sorry for the trouble she has caused. Bat and Johnny then run in and everyone is happy.

At Southern Cross, Joker informs Shin that God's Army has been destroyed. Shin guesses that Kenshiro was behind it and as he watches Yuria play her harp. He swears that he will eventually send Kenshiro to hell.


New foes await Kenshiro and when he kills some of them, their vile woman mistress hatches a plan. Tune in next time for "Villains! Say Your Prayers Before You Die!!"

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