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Only Villains Can Smile! How I Hate This Age!!
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Rei is reunited with Airi, but she is at the mercy of the Fang clan.
Original broadcast date: April 25th 1985

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2) In the manga...
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The Fang clan attack a village, but then return back to where King Fang is. They have spotted Kenshiro, Rei and Mamiya, and the entire clan goes out to meet them. King Fang has Madara, the most beastly member of the clan, sent out to attack. Kenshiro steps forward to fight him.

Madara tries to rip Kenshiro apart, but Ken sees through his rapid movements and destroys him with the Hokuto Hagan Ken technique. However, King Fang then reveals that he has Rei's sister, Airi. Rei manages to speak to her and she explains that she has been owned by several different "masters" who have had their way with her. Because of all the horrors she saw, she poured poison into her eyes.

Rei tries to save Airi, but the Fang clan ties her up and hoists her up to where King Fang is. King Fang starts to torture Airi and tells Rei that he will now experience true sadness.

In the manga...

-Quite a bit of this episode is filler. The village attack scene was never in the manga, and Madara is not introduced until King Fang first meets Ken and the others.

-The scene where King Fang talks to some prisoners and then has them killed happened earlier in the manga. The violence for this is worse in the manga -King Fang slices a man in half right in front of his wife and son. For the anime, he crushes a guy, and there are no children present in the group of prisoners.

-The manga has a scene where Ken, Rei and Mamiya are having a break, but a clan member fires an arrow at Mamiya. Ken stops it at the last second. This isn't in the anime.

-The guy who bursts out of the ground suffers a much more violent death in the manga -Rei slices him up into several chunks.

-Right after the above mentioned arrow scene, the manga has the lights come on and Airi is revealed. The Fangs then hoist her up and reveal themselves. Then Madara starts to go berserk, so King Fang sends him out to fight Ken. In the anime, the order of this was changed so the Fangs reveal themselves, then Madara is sent down, then they reveal they have Airi.

-In the manga, when King Fang crushes one of Madara's teeth, he says that he cannot believe Ken is trying to provoke him. This line got cut from the anime, he just grunts instead.

-Madara's death is much more violent in the manga, as his body gets torn apart. In the anime, his head just explodes.


-When Airi explains to Rei about what happened to her, some of the flashback footage from this episode is re-used. However, one particular shot has been edited slightly, and been made brighter. The shot of the masked man who captured Airi is no longer covered in thick shadows, for some reason.


-When Ken and Rei kill the two Fangs who stayed at the plundered village, Ken's red shirt is missing.

-Ken's shoulder pad reappears a couple of times after Madara destroys it.

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