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Tremble & Die! Villains Of Night Fog Valley!!
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Kenshiro, Rei and Mamiya head out to crush the Fang clan once and for all.
Original broadcast date: April 18th 1985

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King Fang and his clan are deeply saddened by the death of Kemada. Gibara is sent out with several other Fangs to kill the Hokuto man and Nanto man. Meanwhile, Kenshiro and Rei have learnt from the village elder where the Fang clan hideout is, and start the journey towards it. Mamiya also goes with them, although at first the two men ignore her. They all have to head up the side of a large cliff.

Upon reaching the top, it doesn't take them long to encounter Gibara, who sends all of his men to attack. They are slain by the three and soon only Gibara is left. He tries to take them down, but his attack just misses and he is killed by Rei. Before killing him, Rei asked if he had seven scars on his chest, and he becomes frustrated after finishing Gibara off, as he cannot find the man he is searching for. Ken asks what Rei would do if he found out he was the man with seven scars, but Rei finds that to be an unfunny joke -he can tell if a man is good or bad from their face, and he knows Kenshiro isn't evil.

Meanwhile, King Fang has found out where Rei's sister is thanks to the work of Gojiba, one of his clan members. They head to the place, which belongs to a wrestler who King Fang has to kill as he does not want to give Airi away. King Fang soon finds Airi and says that his clan will soon have their revenge.

In the manga...

-There is a scene in the manga where King Fang has some people he captured killed as he is so angry at the death of some of his sons. This scene was kept back for the next episode of the anime.

-The scene where Mamiya makes a speech to the other villages happens during Ko's cremation in the manga, whilst in the anime it happens the next day.

-In the manga, the scene where Rei rips apart Mamiya's clothes happens inside, where Ken, Lin and the village elder are present. In the anime it happens outside, and Ken is the only other witness.

-Gojiba is not named in the manga, and does not appear until later on. The anime introduces him early.

-Gibara was never in the manga, and any scenes involving him are exclusive to the anime.

-Also, the scene where Ken and friends climb up the cliff was never in the manga. They simply leave the village, then the next time they are seen, it is night time and they're taking a break just before the Fang clan reveal to them that they have Airi. The anime adds a lot of filler in this episode and the next one.


-The Fang clan leader was never originally named in the manga, but later got the name of "Kiba Daio" (Fang Great King). There have been various different English translations of his name, including King Fang, King of Kiba, Boss Fang and Chief of the Fang Clan. For my site, I'm going with King Fang.


-One shot of Rei with his arms crossed has him missing his arm bands, plus his right hand hasn't been drawn properly.

-When Mamiya is seen running after Ken and Rei, she has much brighter colored hair than usual.

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