Rei and Kenshiro have left Yuda's fortress after learning that Yuda has gone to a place known as Blue town. Inside the fortress, Dagar is still in a lot of pain after Kenshiro hit one of his pressure points -so much so that he is in a crazed state and is killing his own men as well as ruining some of the walls of the fortress. Whilst he wants revenge against Kenshiro, he knows that he will not be the man to do it and hopes that Yuda will kill him instead in Blue town.

Ken and Rei slowly make there way to Blue town, when Rei collapses yet again and says that today must be his last day. Before Ken can help at all Rei suddenly passes out. Meanwhile, at Mamiya's village, Bat, Lin and Airi are trying to see if they can see if Rei and Ken are on the way back, but they don't see them anywhere. Bat wonders if Yuda managed to defeat them, but Lin berates him for saying that in front of Airi and Mamiya.

Mamiya seems to be sad and has just been keeping to herself for the whole day, but Airi explains into her behavior a bit more. Before her brother came to this village, there wasn't anyone Mamiya would trust and her heart was closed. But when Rei did arrive, she finally opened her heart for the first time in a long while. However, now all she can think about is how Rei is going to die and that he will live on as a memory in her heart forever.

Rei thinks that his time has come, as the star of death is right before him, but he wakes up: it was just a dream. He wants to hurry on to Blue town again but before he can get up, Kenshiro has to destroy several metal rods thrown at the pair by kicking them into pieces. A few young men surround the duo and demand that they hand over any weapons they have. Ken says that have no weapons other than their fists, but the boys think that he is a liar.

They attack but are simply defeated straight away. Although none of them are killed, the groups leader, Nova, orders them to back off as this is a battle that they cannot win. Instead, he asks Ken and Rei if they can help them in their quest to defeat a bunch of bandits. His companions say that nobody in this age will help them and they must defeat the Blue town villains by themselves, but when they mention Blue town Ken and Rei become interested.

Nova explains that he and his friends have come from a small village. His village was actually part of a wrecked boat and despite it not being that well populated, things were good food wise. However, one day, a bunch of thugs appeared who had "UD" tattoos on their bodies.

The thugs were after the women and by quickly striking the village, the villagers were overwhelmed and the women were all quickly captured. Nova's girlfriend, Lan, was also caught by a punk and before Nova could help her, he was hit with an arrow and taken out of the battle. The least he heard was one of the punks saying that they were going to take all the captured girls to their Lord Yuda and offer them to him.

Kenshiro agrees to help as they were going to Blue town anyway, and he knows what it is like fighting for a loved one. Meanwhile, in Blue town, the captured girls are being taken to Yuda and are told that if Yuda likes them, they will receive nice clothes and get to enjoy his company. But if he doesn't like them they will be thrown out into the desert. The leader of the punks shows them to Yuda and asks if he likes the look of them. Yuda begins his inspection.

Nova's group reach Blue town, but the first three punks they come across are much stronger than them and brandish bigger weapons. Thankfully Ken and Rei arrive to save the day and after killing two of them, Ken hits one of the third guy's pressure points which puts him into pain until he reveals the information Ken wants to know. He eventually tells the group that Yuda and the girls are in the tallest building in the town, and he then passes out.

When word gets out that Rei and Ken have arrived, Yuda orders his men to go and kill them both. Many men are sent, but all are killed. The group then finally arrive at Yuda's personnel room and enter it, only to find that the girls are all being held by punks who threaten to kill them.

The punks tell Nova and his friends to drop their weapons but they refuse to, not wanting to give in to their demands. Ken then suggests that they release the women because if the punks do kill them, Nova's group will chase them to the ends of the Earth to avenge them and they will also really tick Kenshiro off. He then questions whether or not they want to die, and offers each punk a chance to release the girl he is holding and run. All but one of them do, and the last punk decides to just kill Lan.

However before he can do that Rei jumps in to slice his arms off and then Ken hits one of his pressure points that make his skeleton pop out of his body, completely destroying him. Yuda is surprised to see that Rei is still alive, but when Rei cuts the curtain he realises that this Yuda is an ugly fake! The fake Yuda laughs and tells him that he is an idiot, and that the real Yuda was never in Blue town in the first place. Just as Yuda had told him, the star of justice is the star of a fool!

Rei gets really angry and quickly destroys the fake Yuda, slicing him up into microscopic pieces. But that still doesn't fix the fact that he hasn't found the real Yuda, and with so little time left to live, what can he do now?

Back in Yuda's original fortress, Dagar is still writhing in agony but he manages to pull himself together when his master suddenly appears. It turns out that the real Yuda never went to Blue town in the first place -he just told Dagar that because he knew he would squeal if Kenshiro and Rei appeared. Dagar thinks he has been betrayed, but Yuda says that it wasn't betrayal -it was just strategy.

But Dagar still thinks that Yuda betrayed him, his most loyal officer, and decides to kill him. Yuda calls him a fool and that if Kenshiro managed to defeat him with just one arm, then he will use just one finger! He points it at his opponent's head and then moves his hand straight down, creating a bright pink light that shines through him.


(South Star Crimson Crane Fist)

"One of Nanto Roku Seiken's finest techniques, "South Star crimson crane fist". Because of its speed, it can cut the opponent's body vertically."

Dagar lives for just a few more seconds before his body is split into two pieces. Yuda reminds his men that he is the most beautiful and the strongest man in the world, before leaving for them to clean up the mess he just made.

Nova's group are happy as they have successfully completed their rescue. Whilst Kenshiro and Rei are glad, it is still a hollow victory for them as Rei has still not managed to confront Yuda. But as Rei is saying this he suddenly screams out and collapses once again from pain -what is going to happen to him?


Rei's condition gets worse and worse as the time of his death draws closer and closer, is there anything that can be done about it? Tune in next time for "Beloved Mamiya! The Harbinger of Death Shines in Those Eyes!!"

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