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Yuda of the Nanto Roku Seiken! I Am the Most Beautiful of All!!
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Rei and Kenshiro seek out Yuda.
Original broadcast date: November 21st 1985

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2) In the manga...
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The elder of Mamiya's village explains to Rei, Airi, Kenshiro and Toki what happened between Mamiya and Yuda. During Mamiya's 20th birthday party, the celebrations were interrupted when Yuda and his gang invaded the village. Their target was Mamiya, who they captured and presented to Yuda. He was impressed with her looks and said they would leave with her. Mamiya's parents tried to stop him, but Yuda killed them.

Days later, a battered Mamiya returned to the village. The elder says that whilst she had escaped, she abandoned herself as a woman on that day. Back in the present, Rei finds Mamiya and tells her that she is still a woman, and he will defeat Yuda for her. This just upsets her and makes her run out of the room. Rei attempts to follow, but he suffers from another pain burst just as Kenshiro enters the room. He explains to Ken and Lin that Yuda is another Nanto master, much like himself.

He, Yuda and Shin were all part of the Nanto Roku Seiken (Six Holy Fists of the South Star) along with three other members, and were the most powerful Nanto fighters in the world. They each represented a star -and Yuda's happens to be the star of beauty, but it is also known as the star of betrayal. Kenshiro and Rei find Yuda's fortress and enter it, but Dagar appears and says that Yuda has gone. They know Rei has little time left to live, so Yuda is just going to keep moving around so Rei can never avenge Mamiya. Kenshiro defeats Dagar and finds out that Yuda is in a place called Blue Town. Even though he is in pain again and has little time left, Rei is still determined to find Yuda.

In the manga...

-In the manga, Yuda grabs one of the girls because she has a scar above her eye. In the anime, he grabs her because she changed her hair style.

-What happens to the girl is much darker in the manga -Yuda throws her to some of his men, then says they can do whatever they like with her. They immediately start to rape her. In the anime, it was toned down so Yuda tells his men to just throw her out into the desert wasteland.

-In the flashback scene, Ko (Mamiya's brother) does not appear in the manga. They put him in for the anime.

-When Ken and Rei enter Yuda's fortress, there are a few more fight scenes between them and his forces in the anime.


-Two of the three silhouettes of the Nanto masters look like who they are suppose to be, as we'll get to see early on in the third chapter of the anime. However, one of the silhouettes looks nothing like any Nanto master character.


-Ko has brown hair during the flashback scene, but his hair was red during his appearances in previous episodes.

-Mamiya's parents have different designs here than when we last saw them (they briefly appeared in a previous episode). The father looks similar, but the mother does not.


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