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Nanto Suicho Ken! The Tragedy of the Mighty Begins!!
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Rei enters Mamiya's village and meets Kenshiro.
Original broadcast date: April 4th 1985

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2) In the manga...
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Rei is spotted by part of the Fang clan, who decide to attack him. He kills several of them, but Kemada strikes a deal with him. Rei makes his way into Mamiya's village without trouble, and soon meets Kenshiro, but Bat and Lin think he is a bad guy. Later on, Rei spies on Mamiya, who is washing her hair with Lin, and exposes her. He says she is too beautiful to sacrifice to the Fangs.

An explosion rocks the village and Rei realises his allies have arrived early. As he runs outside, he sees that Kenshiro has already defeated a large number of the Fangs. One of the clan members tells Rei to kill Kenshiro, but Rei instead kills him with a Nanto Suicho Ken strike. Ken realises what martial art Rei uses straight away.

Rei then figures out that Kenshiro is the current Hokuto Shinken successor when an attacking Fang clan member explodes behind him. Rei tells Ken that he betrayed the Fang clan because he picks the side who is stronger, and he did that to survive. He must survive long enough so he can take his revenge and kill the man with seven scars. Kenshiro decides to keep quiet about the fact that he is the man with seven scars. Elsewhere, the Fang clan get together with their "Father" (leader), who says that they will have their revenge.

In the manga...

-The scene showing Rei meeting the Fang clan outside the village was something added for the anime, it wasn't in the manga.

-Rei does not throw down a dead Fang in front of Ko in the manga. Some other random villager sees Rei in the manga, and he just enters the village normally.

-The part where Pel bumps into Rei was not in the manga.

-You do not see Mamiya's breasts in the manga, but you do in the anime. Odd how the anime toned down the violence, yet boobies are A OK.

-The Fang who leads the attack is never named in the manga, and has an eye missing. He is killed by Rei. In the anime, they used Kemada instead, who organizes the attack, but does not take part in it.

-The scene showing the Fangs raiding the food supplies of the village was something added for the anime.

-The scene at the end, showing the Fang clan leader, was not in the manga.


-The art for this episode is kind of bad in parts. Characters have a habit of looking dopey (especially the females) and Rei's reaction to Pel crashing into him is hilarious.

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