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Fate Without Tomorrow! And Yet, A Woman Believes in Love!!
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Kenshiro and Rei fight against Galf and his forces, but they also discover something about Mamiya's past.
Original broadcast date: November 14th 1985

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2) In the manga...
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Rei and Kenshiro save Mamiya. She still wants to take a look through that warehouse, so she and Rei go there whilst Kenshiro deals with Galf. Inside the warehouse, Rei kills a guy who throws spheres of acid at him, whilst Mamiya finds something that she thinks may be of use.

Kenshiro makes short work of Galf, and his remaining forces flee the city. Rei and Mamiya appear back outside, but Mamiya collapses from her injuries. As Rei sees to her, he happens to come across a mark on one of her shoulders: "UD".

The villagers say she must have been one of Yuda's women, and therefore been through hell. Rei asks how she got that mark on her, but she just says Yuda was the man who took her future away. She doesn't even want Rei to look at her. Meanwhile, in a fortress, a man walks past many girls, each one bearing the same "UD" mark. He is Yuda, and he believes he is not only the strongest man...he is also the most beautiful.

In the manga...

-There is a shot of the guy who gets kicked onto the spikes by Ken actually on the spikes in the manga. This violent death is not shown in the anime.

-The stuff with Rei and Mamiya going back to the warehouse and fighting the acid guy was never in the manga.

-In the manga, Seki urinates on Galf's face, whilst in the anime, he urinates on his hand.


-Whilst this Galf dies, the character would go on to make a cameo appearance in the alternate world of the 1986 movie, where he works in Ken-Oh's army.

-Not surprisingly, reaction to Yuda's debut is mixed with the fans. OK, actually reaction is totally one sided.


-Whilst this episode marks the start of one new plot, it retcons part of another, as back in this episode Rei would have been able to see the "UD" mark on Mamiya quite easily. But it just isn't there.

-How does Ken know that Mamiya can see the star of death? Nobody has told him! At this point in the manga, he knows (Toki tells him), but he doesn't mention it in the anime.

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