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72 Hours to Live! The Harbinger of Death Drags Rei In!!
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Mamiya heads to Medicine City, unaware that a man called Galf has taken it over.
Original broadcast date: November 7th 1985

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Rei only has three days left to live, but he keeps having random moments of severe pain. He tells Kenshiro outside that this must be the fear Raoh told him he would feel. Mamiya decides to travel to Medicine City to try and get something to ease Rei's pain, only letting Bat know where she is going.

In Medicine City, things have fallen into disorder. It used to be one of Ken-Oh's territories, but since his reputation has been tarnished, a man called Lord Galf has taken over. He loves dogs, and one of them is attacking a child. One villager kills it, but Galf later finds and kills him, as the life of a child is not worth the life of a dog in his eyes. Meanwhile, Mamiya enters the city and finds a large warehouse full of supplies. But a dog also finds her, which she has to kill.

Galf soon finds her and knocks her out with one of his collars. When Mamiya wakes up, she finds she has been tied up to a post, and several dogs are let loose which run around and bite at her. Meanwhile, Ken and Rei enter the city, having found out from Bat that it is where Mamiya has gone. They find out about Lord Galf from one of his men, before heading on to try and find him.

In the manga...

-The dogs bites the child's arm in the manga. The anime doesn't have this.

-Just before Ken sets off to Medicine City, Toki tells him that Mamiya has seen the star of death. This is not in the anime.

-The scene where Airi and Toki are up on the building was originally Airi and Lin in the manga.

-The scenes where Mamiya enters the warehouse are only in the anime. In the manga, when Mamiya sees Galf for the first time, a dog walks up behind her and she kills it. The fight between her and some of Galf's men happens outside in the manga and inside in the anime.

-In addition to stabbing him, Mamiya also kicks the punk who tries to grab her in the manga. She never kicks him in the anime.

-The scene where Galf lets some dogs loose on Mamiya was never in the manga.

-The last scene where Ken and Rei finds out about Galf wasn't in the manga.


-When Mamiya leaves her village, one shot has her looking at the big dipper constellation, but the star of death is missing.

-When Bat says where Mamiya went, the white bandage on Ken's left arm isn't there.

-When Airi, Bat and Lin watch Rei go, Airi has violet colored hair instead of pink in one shot.

-Mamiya manages to jump down from a huge warehouse without injury?

-The colors of one of the punks who tries to grab Mamiya changes between shots.

-The rope around Mamiya's stomach is missing when she is first shown tied up, but appears one shot later.

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