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Shuu of the Nanto Hakurou Ken! What do you see at the end of this Century!!
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Kenshiro remembers that he has met Shuu before.
Original broadcast date: January 23rd 1986

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Shuu and Kenshiro take down more of Souther's troops, who are trying to capture more children. They defeat one unit under the command of Belga, and Shuu says that he would never forgive them for trying to take the bright futures of children. Kenshiro realises he has heard those words before.

Years a go, before the nuclear war, an event was happening at a Nanto Seiken training ground. Kenshiro was involved in a battle against 10 Nanto masters, and he had to defeat all 10. If he did not, he would die, as those were the laws. Souther, Shuu and Raoh watched as Kenshiro defeated nine of his opponents, but then Shuu stepped in and defeated him. However, Shuu realised that Kenshiro had great potential, and asked Souther not to have him killed. Souther demanded the laws were followed through...

...but Shuu then sacrificed his own light for Kenshiro to live. He sliced into his own eyes, and this was enough to save Ken. Souther remembered that Shuu was the star of benevolence, so no wonder he did what he did. Back in the present, Kenshiro realises that the guy in front of him right this moment is the same person who saved him all those years a go. Shuu has always remembered Kenshiro and tells him not to worry, as on that day when he gave up his vision, he was able to bring out Ken's strong, fierce light.

In the manga...

-The starting scene of the episode with Ken, Lin and Bat does not happen until a little later on in the manga.

-Shuu asks Ken to help him fight Souther's troops in the manga, and Ken says he will. In the anime, they changed it so Shuu doesn't ask, but Ken appears later to help anyway.

-The character of Belga was not in the manga.

-The scene where two kids are taken hostage was not in the manga.

-In the manga, Souther's troops attack a family riding away in a car, which crashes. In the anime, a new scene was put in where Souther's troops are attacking a village instead. The car scene would eventually be shown in animated form in the first Legend of Raoh movie.

-The entire baseball stadium stronghold thing is exclusive to the anime. In the manga, Shuu makes his speech about the light of children right after defeating the first group of troops, which makes Ken remember him. In the anime, they don't do this until after Belga dies.

-In the flashback scene, Shuu does not block Ken's kick in the manga. He kind of warps around it very quickly. In the anime, he just blocks it with one hand.

-The flashback scene also marked Souther's debut appearance in the manga -but in the anime, they gave him a new and quite cool new intro scene set in the present, shown two episodes a go.

-Shuu beats up the guys with spears in the manga, whilst he doesn't in the anime.


-I guess Ken doesn't have a very good memory if he seriously did not recognise Shuu straight away. You'd have thought a guy slicing his own eyes out right in front of you would stay in your mind for life.


-When Belga's men retreat, there is a shot of their legs running. Some of the guy's feet do not touch the ground.

-There is a shot where Ken is to the left of Belga, whilst Shuu is to the right. Shuu has gray sleeves instead of blue.

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