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Love on the Battlefield! Will this era tear love apart!!
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Kenshiro goes to save the residents of Swany village.
Original broadcast date: January 30th 1986

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2) In the manga...
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Galzas, one of Souther's troops, meets a new recruit who has captured some children. He welcomes him into the Holy Emperor's forces, and also finds out from him where one of the rebel's bases are. Just then, Jay and a small team of men attack them. They are part of Shuu's army, and easily take down most of Galzas' group. However, when they corner Galzas, he starts to tell them a fake story about how Souther captured his sister, and is making Galzas work for him. As they are distracted, Galzas fatally wounds Jay and kills the rest of his team before escaping.

Kenshiro finds Jay, who gives him some light bulb parts to give to his girlfriend, Ami, in Swany village. At the village, Galzas and a new unit of men attack the place and take it over, although they intend to leave before any of Shuu's group find them. But before they can do that, Kenshiro arrives in the village and defeats many of them.

Galzas is soon taken down by one of Ken's techniques, but he tries the same fake story he used on Jay. It doesn't work though, as when he attempts to stab Ken, part of him explodes. Seconds later, he dies. Kenshiro tells Ami what happened to Jay, but also gives her the parts she needs. She creates working light bulbs, meaning their village can be lit up at night. She promises to never let the light burn out, for Jay's sake.

In the manga...

-This episode is filler and was never in the manga.


-Ami's captured brother is never mentioned again.


-The error of feet not touching the ground in the previous episode is repeated in this one.

-How do guys wearing heavy armor manage to swim?

-And some of these troops enter the water brandishing swords. How did they intend to use them?

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