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I'm the Holy Emperor, Souther! Both Love and Compassion are Forbidden!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Kenshiro fights Souther, but something unexpected happens.
Original broadcast date: February 6th 1986

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Some of Shuu's men return with food they got from attacking one of Souther's supply convoys. However, it turns out the food is poisoned, and Kenshiro has to save one kid by hitting a pressure point to stop the effects of the poison. Shuu takes Ken outside to where there are many graves -these are all the graves of children who died serving the Holy Emperor. Kenshiro decides it is finally time for him to confront Souther, and he soon stands before him.

Their fight begins, but Kenshiro notices Souther is not taking a stance. Souther tells him that his style, Nanto Ho'oh Ken (South Star Phoenix Fist) has no stance, as that implies defense -his style is purely offense only. Souther uses a move called Kyokusei Juji Ken (Command Star Cross Fist) which Kenshiro narrowly avoids. He sees that Souther is extremely fast, but not fast enough to avoid one of his attacks -Kenshiro hits Souther with a rapid series of strikes and tells him that he hit his "Jinchukyoku" pressure point, giving him just three seconds to live.

Souther thinks this is interesting and casually counts the seconds down. Kenshiro is surprised when Souther doesn't die, but instead, he receives a large, cross shaped wound to his chest -Souther hit him earlier without him even realising it! Souther says that Hokuto Shinken has no effect on his body at all -what can Kenshiro do now?!

In the manga...

-The scene where Shuu explains about Souther is set inside in the manga, but outside in the anime.

-Shiba is introduced early in the anime, in the manga, he is not seen until the equivalent of the next episode.

-In the manga, Ryo dies. Ken hits a pressure point on him, but he realises it is too late to stop the poison.

-The scene with the children's graves was never in the manga.

-The troop with the flame thrower kills more people in the anime than in the manga.

-The fight with Beji and Giji is a lot shorter in the manga. They never manage to hit Ken either.


-The first few minutes or so of this episode have an extremely brief recap of everything that has happened so far in the third chapter, using clips from the previous four episodes.

-There are a couple of shots in this episode where the frame breaks up into sections and kind of looks like a comic book -an interesting technique I would have liked to see more of occasionally, but this is the only episode which does it.


-There are a few instances in this episode where Kenshiro's black arm band is colored brown.

-Between Kenshiro saying Souther has three seconds to live and Souther saying "three" in his count down of the three seconds, around 25 seconds have passed.

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