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The Young Warrior Challenging Fate! The Cry of his Soul moves the Heavens!!
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Shiba risks his life to help Kenshiro.
Original broadcast date: February 13th 1986

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2) In the manga...
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Kenshiro continues to use his Hokuto Shinken, but it still fails to effect Souther. Souther strikes back and defeats Kenshiro. Word of Ken's defeat reaches Shuu, who finds out that Kenshiro is still alive, but bleeding badly and is chained up in the Holy Cross Mausoleum. Shuu volunteers to go there alone and rescue him, as he has snuck in and out of there before, plus his smaller size means he has more of a chance than an adult. Shuu lets him go, and as he runs off, he hopes he will return.

Shiba frees Kenshiro, but Ken is badly injured and is unable to walk without assistance. The two head through a sewer and have gotten some distance away from the mausoleum, but Souther's troops have found out that Ken is gone and have sent out search parties. One of these parties is heading in Shiba and Ken's direction, but Shiba has a plan. He tells Ken that he shares the same star as his father and will gladly give his life to help another, and reveals that he has several sticks of dynamite on him.

Kenshiro cannot stop him and a few seconds later, he sees a large explosion in the distance. Nobody is going to find him now, but Shiba had to sacrifice himself to do it. Ken is determined to tell Shuu about his son's fate, but he is still badly injured, and can only crawl across the desert. A sand storm only makes things worse for him, and he passes out. Later on, some men on horses find him.

In the manga...

-The rest of the battle between Kenshiro and Souther goes on for longer in the anime.

-Souther does not stomp on Kenshiro's head after defeating him in the manga.

-The scene where one of Shuu's men tells Shuu what happened to Ken was not in the manga.

-The scene between Shuu and Shiba was not in the manga.

-The scene where Souther dislikes his food is where Shiba makes his debut in the manga, in the anime, they introduced him earlier, in the previous episode.

-The scene where Ken and Shiba head through the sewers was not in the manga.

-Shiba's final thought of saying goodbye to his father was not in the manga.

-In the manga, Raoh is the one who finds Kenshiro, and there is an additional scene where Raoh tells Kenshiro his time has not yet come -he must figure out Souther's secret first. For the anime, they decided to change this to just two of Raoh's troops finding him.


-The preview for this episode (shown at the end of the previous one) had a shot of Souther being hit where everything was purple. This has been fixed for the actual episode though, so the purple tint was gone.


-When Shuu and Shiba are talking to each other, there is a shot where Shiba has blonde hair instead of brown.

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