Kenshiro hit a pressure point that should kill Souther in three seconds...yet he still stands! Souther laughs, as Kenshiro suddenly receives a cross shaped wound to his chest -Souther attacked him earlier without him even realising it. Souther says he has the body of an Emperor, and that Hokuto Shinken has no effect on him. Kenshiro will now learn why even Raoh has been hesitant in fighting him.

""I'm the Emperor! I'm completely different from you!"

Souther swings his arms back, then forwards, but Kenshiro stops them at the last moment. Not put off by what just happened, Kenshiro pushes Souther's arms back, and then starts hitting his chest rapidly again.

But Souther just says it won't work -is that all Kenshiro has? Ken again tries his rapid hits technique, striking pressure points all over Souther's body. Souther tries to get out of the way, but even with his speed, he can't avoid them all.

Kenshiro hits Souther back, but he recovers, and once again, nothing happens to him, it really does seem that he is not effected by Hokuto Shinken at all! He tells Kenshiro that his speed and accuracy is amazing, and that he can see now why he is the successor to his style. But that doesn't change the fact that he has still lost -and with that, Souther does several rapid swipes.

These slice into Ken, who can't understand what has just happened, but he has no time to think about it or counterattack because he has been defeated. Souther finds his victory amusing.

One of Shuu's men was at the battle and rushes back to base to report the abysmal news about Kenshiro's defeat. Lin is devastated, but all are glad when they find out that Souther has not killed him yet. Lin says she has every faith in Ken being O.K. but the scout has more bad news when he tells them Ken lost a lot of blood during the battle, and he will not live for much longer. Bat wants to go and rescue him now, but Shuu stops him, telling him that he will not make a difference by himself, and that Ken told him to look after Lin.

Later that night, Shuu and the others have gotten Bat and Lin to calm down. Shuu stands out alone on top of a building, thinking about how he hopes for Ken to be alright for the kid's sake. Shiba then appears and he and his dad talk about the strong faith Lin has in Kenshiro. Shiba has noticed this and thinks that Ken has a really spiritual power. He then asks his father for a favor.

Shiba volunteers to go to the Holy Cross Mausoleum and rescue Kenshiro. He has gotten in and out of the place before and as he is still a child, it will allow him to move around much more easily than if an adult tried to enter. Shuu states that he could lose his life doing this, but he is prepared to do it. The two then sit down and Shuu mentions that even though he is the inheritor of Nanto Hakurou Ken, he never taught his son any of it. The reason for this is because he didn't want Shiba to carry the same sad fate as he is as the star of benevolence.

But, it seems his blood runs through his son. He feels Shiba's face and comments that even though he cannot see it, he can feel how much of a resemblance it has to his mother's. He tells Shiba to go and meet his destiny, and as he runs off, Shuu thinks to himself that he may never see his son alive in this world again. But this cruel fate is too much for a child, and he hopes Shiba will come back alive.

At the Holy Cross Mausoleum, Kenshiro has been chained up and is slowly bleeding to death, although all he can think about is why his Hokuto Shinken didn't work against Souther. Outside, the reason why Kenshiro wasn't killed straight away is revealed: Souther intends to bury him in the center of the mausoleum, and has had a huge grave made for him. Once Kenshiro is dead, Souther thinks his Holy Cross Mausoleum will shine even more brightly, and will make Raoh think twice about taking him on.

And after that thought, Souther turns his attention to today's main meal. But after only a couple of bites, he just doesn't find the food that appetizing and kicks the table over, demanding the mess be cleaned up and taken away. The kids are left to look at the delicious food, which has gone to complete waste.

One kid tries to sneak off with some food, but gets used as a football by a guard, who reminds them all that just because they get to starve doesn't mean the Holy Emperor will. The guard then demands the kid be taken away, and a cloaked Shiba does just that.

Later on, the two guards outside of Kenshiro's cell hear a noise, but there doesn't seem to be anyone around. They head off down the corridor to investigate, but are attacked and killed by Shiba, who was hiding above. He gets the keys to the cell and heads inside it, before releasing Kenshiro. Ken wakes up and remembers Shiba from before, when he briefly met him earlier. Ken doesn't know how he managed to get this far by himself, but the two start to make their way out.

The mausoleum has been built on top of a sewer system, so the pair head through that to escape. But with Kenshiro unable to walk by himself, their progress is slow. They eventually make it out of the sewer and start to head away from the mausoleum, but by now the other guards have found out about Kenshiro's escape and search parties are sent out. With Ken still unable to walk, Shiba has to try and carry him across the desert. Ken asks why he came to rescue him by himself, and Shiba tells him that he has faith, just as Lin, Bat and is father have, that Kenshiro is the savior of this world.

Ken doesn't think he has that kind of power, especially after losing against Souther, but they then both have to stop as Ken continues to bleed badly. And to make things worse, a search party is heading in their direction. The duo hide behind a rock, but Shiba tells Ken that he will go out and act as a decoy to stop Kenshiro from being captured again.

Ken says he can look after himself and tells Shiba to go on without him, but Shiba refuses. He tells Ken that he shares the same star as his father and will gladly give his life to help another, and reveals that he has several sticks of dynamite on him.

Shiba tells Ken not to die and to keep carrying the light of hope on, before saying goodbye. He runs off, and all Ken can do is cry out his name to try and stop him from going, but of course that doesn't work. He tries to get up and follow him, but his wounds prevent him from doing so and he collapses. Soon enough, the bikers see Shiba standing alone in the middle of the desert.

The bad guys get off their bikes and circle round Shiba, believing him to be the one who helped Kenshiro escape. He doesn't answer them and they get more aggressive, but suddenly get frightened when he pulls out the lit dynamite! They haven't got time to get away!


The large explosion can be seen by Kenshiro, as he realises that Shiba has sacrificed himself because of him. Kenshiro is determined to live and wants to get to Shuu to inform him of his son's fate. He starts to crawl across the desert...

...but a sandstorm kicks in and given how beat up he is, he soon passes out. As day turns to night, Kenshiro is alone and becoming buried in the sand.



With Kenshiro beaten, Shuu decides that he must take on Souther! Find out if he can win in "A Bloody Battle, Shuu Vs. Souther! Love is drowned by the tears of the star of benevolence!!"

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