Hokuto no Ken Episode 64
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A Bloody Battle, Shuu Vs. Souther! Love is drowned by the tears of the star of benevolence!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Shuu fights Souther.
Original broadcast date: February 20th 1986

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Kenshiro wakes up and sees he is back at Shuu's base. Bat and Lin say they didn't see to his injuries, but just found him near the base (Raoh had some of his men heal him). However, Souther's army attack the base, so Shuu tells Bat and Lin to use a boat and get Kenshiro out of here. He had given Kenshiro a pill that put him into a deep sleep earlier, so he cannot help him now.

Shuu then goes and face Souther and his forces, killing many of them with his Nanto Rekkyaku Zanjin (South Star Fierce Kick Formation). He tries to kill Souther, but Souther avoids his attack at the last moment and tells him he may try again, but if he does, he will have the hostages he has taken killed. Souther ends up striking Shuu, severing the tendons in his legs and preventing him from using his Nanto Hakurou Ken ever again.

Shuu falls to the ground and some of Souther's men take him away, as Souther still has plans for him. Shuu yells out to Kenshiro, telling him to hear his call. In the sewers, Kenshiro awakens, and kills some of Souther's men who have entered. He says he can hear it -Shuu is calling him!

In the manga...

-This episode pretty much follows the manga identically. The only difference is near the start, as in the manga, Raoh himself finds Kenshiro in the desert, but in the anime, he gets two of his men to find him instead.


-The first few minutes of this episode recap what happened, using animation from previous episodes. However, when it gets to the part with Shiba, there is completely new animation of him killing himself and Souther's troops. The location of this scene has also changed, as Ken is suddenly up on a cliff when he sees the explosion, whilst he wasn't in the previous episode. At the end of the previous episode, it was night time when Raoh's men find Kenshiro, but in this one, it is still day time.

-This is also one of the most violent episodes in the series, with several decapitations and more gore than usual -when Shuu splits the guy with the giant sword in half, you actually get to see his insides, and the animators didn't even gray out his body like they usually do.


-When Souther's men circle around Shiba, one of them at the bottom right walks across a parked bike.

-The base Raoh is at has a slightly different exterior design since we last saw it in this episode.

-When Shuu turns away from the boat, he has pupils.

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