At the fortress, people are been made to work to keep the electricity flowing, when the guards force people to kneel: Viceroy Jakoh is about to speak. Jakoh once again complains that it is too dark and tells everyone that they must work hard to make the Emperor happy, as he wants to bask in the light. The guards tell the workers that they must dedicate their lives in working for the Emperor. The slaves then resume their labor.

Jakoh has other problems though as he learns of Geira's death. It seems the North Star Army have become a lot more powerful thanks to Kenshiro joining them. Jakoh cannot stand Kenshiro, referring to him as an evil, dark power who is stealing the light of the Emperor. Something must be done about him quickly, so he begins to formulate a plan.

The next morning, at Mamiya's village, we see that it is still a nice place to be. Mamiya herself is praying in front of Rei's grave. She states that a long time has passed since he died, but she feels that the world is about to be engulfed in darkness once again. She doesn't know when it will reach her village.

She hopes that Rei will be able to watch over them all when it does. Airi then walks over with some good news: she has heard that Kenshiro is going to be visiting the village!

She's also found out about the North Star Army and that the leaders of this force are Bat and Lin. Mamiya sees that they are now the ones fighting and that Rei's spirit is helping them. They decide to go and tell the elder about this, who is working in a cave.

The elder is creating an incredible sculpture of all the fallen Hokuto and Nanto masters. As he is finishing off Yuda, someone else walks into the cave. When this man approaches he sees the sculpture and starts to call out some of the names, but then says that these are Hokuto and Nanto warriors.

He says that the Celestial Emperor is angry! All traces of Hokuto and Nanto must be wiped out, so after charging up with purple light, he releases some kind of projectile which blows the sculpture apart and destroys it.

He then finds out that the one who was making it is the elder of the village, so he decides to "start with him". Just as Mamiya and Airi reach the cave, they stop as they hear the elder screaming and the cave been basked with purple light. They rush inside, but find that the elder is dead.

His killer then approaches them and explains that now, it is time for the Celestial Emperor's star to shine, whilst everything Hokuto and Nanto must be destroyed. It is now the age of the Celestial Emperor and the holy style, Gento Kouken (Source Star Imperial Fist)!

Meanwhile the North Star army are on their way to another area they intend to liberate, but they pass Mamiya's village. Lin wants to go and see Mamiya but Bat says they need to free their friends first, then they can come back here. However they soon all notice that something is on fire in the village, and they wonder if the Emperor's forces are attacking it.

Kenshiro tells Bat to go with the rest of the force and carry on with their mission, he will go to Mamiya's village and see what is up. As Ken rides Kokuoh down the mountain, nobody has seen that Ein is watching what is going on.

Meanwhile in the village, many people have been killed and Airi suggests that she and Mamiya get out of the village whilst they still can. Mamiya however refuses, saying that this was the place where Rei gave his life for her and she will defend it. Going back to Rei's grave, she opens up a secret compartment...

...where her old weapons are. She had decided to give up being a warrior years a go, but it seems she must now fight once more. Airi tells her to look out as they both narrowly avoid being hit by a wrecking ball, which hits and destroys part of Rei's grave. One of the troops has found them and tells Mamiya to try and attack him if she dares -her weapons will never work against him.

Meanwhile, Bat and his team have successfully attacked the last area and have sent the Emperor's troops running. They now control the place and the prisoners there are all set free. Bat finds out that there are apparently some "special" prisoners here, so he heads off to meet them.

Back in the village, Mamiya is hesitant to fight again, so her opponent takes advantage and swings his wrecking ball at her. But someone grabs it from behind: Kenshiro has arrived. He tells Mamiya that he thought she had given up fighting, so why is she holding a weapon?

The solider isn't pleased that he is being ignored and demands for Ken to let go, so he does...only for him to throw it with such force it rips the troop's arm off. Kenshiro tells the other troops to leave this village, otherwise he'll take them all on.

However, the leader of the troops then arrives and tells his men to stop, they shouldn't even bother trying to fight against Kenshiro. He introduces himself as Solia, of the purple light. Mamiya and Airi tell Ken that Solia was the one who led this attack and killed the elder of the village. Solia says that he did this to lure Kenshiro out, he had heard this village has a history with Hokuto Shinken and that he is now here to destroy him.

He tells Kenshiro to observe the power of Gento Kouken! Kenshiro doesn't really seem that fazed and tells Soria to get on with it. Solia goes into a stance and after swinging his arms upwards, he releases...

...several ring-shaped projectiles. They move fast and Kenshiro doesn't seem to be able to avoid them!


(Source Star Flowing Ring Light Slash!)

Solia laughs and tells Kenshiro that there is no escape from his deadly flowing rings. He then starts to throw them out rapidly, and many of them smash into Kenshiro.

Ken eventually gets blasted back, as Solia explains that Gento Kouken destroys the opponent on a cellular level. This style has the user concentrate their ki and release it in ways such as an energy blast, as Solia just demonstrated. He will obliterate Kenshiro now.

Meanwhile, the two special prisoners are seen in their concrete restraints. They are powerful both mentally and physically, which has allowed them to stay alive like this for all these years. However, the two brothers, Hazu and Gill, discuss that they wish they had been born as weaklings, as they didn't want to end up like this. All they do with their time is count the drips from a leaky pipe (over 18 million counted so far). Bat then arrives and the brothers recognise him, as he was on a wanted poster like they had been. Bat thinks the two may come in useful, but he doesn't know what to do to get them out of the concrete yet.

Later on most of the North Star Army leaves, and starts to head back to Mamiya's village. Lin asks what Bat plans to do with Hazu and Gill but even he doesn't know yet, but he's still sure that they will be of use at some point. Unable to break the concrete, the brothers and transported in a manner which they aren't very happy about.

Solia declares that Gento Kouken is superior to Hokuto Shinken and that Kenshiro will perish here. Kenshiro gets back up and removes his ripped jacket. He says that he will remember Solia, but he can save his preaching for the devils in hell. Solia sees that Kenshiro talks big, but is more than ready for him.


(Source Star Imperial Fist: Ring of Destruction)


(The North Star will never fall!)

Ken and Solia clash, but Kenshiro's attack destroys Solia's right arm! As everyone else stands around shocked, Solia refuses to give in and even with one of his arms blown off he resumes his attack. He swipes at Kenshiro again, cutting into his chest.

Solia tells Kenshiro to die with this final strike, but Kenshiro avoids it and hits a pressure point on his neck. He then uses the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken against Solia, who falls to the ground defeated.

Solia gets up and says that he is impressed. But the Celestial Emperor will never forgive the North Star. The other Gento Generals will now rise up to destroy him. The Source Star will slaughter the North Star, no matter what. Seconds later, Solia explodes.

Ein has been watching everything thanks to his telescope and says that Kenshiro's actions here today were quite amazing. This will no doubt make his bounty even higher, but it will have to wait for now, as he heads off to see his woman. Solia's words have given Kenshiro a lot to think about, who is this Celestial Emperor and why does he want Hokuto destroyed so badly? Mamiya is upset as once again violence has come to her village, will it ever end? Kenshiro knows what his goal is now: he will destroy the Emperor.

At the capital fortress of the Celestial Emperor, news reaches of Solia's death. But in one room, four people gather together and state that whilst the purple light may have faded, they will avenge Solia by carrying out an order directly from the Emperor -they will annihilate Kenshiro!


The strongest warrior of Gento Kouken, Falco of the golden light, appears before Bat and Lin. Find out if they can stop him in "The Celestial Emperor's rage! Falco, Obliterate the North Star from Earth!!"

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