Fatal Fury 2
The New Battle

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A year on since Geese Howard's defeat, Wolfgang Krauser seeks out Terry Bogard.
Original Japanese broadcast date: July 31st, 1993


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A year has passed since Geese was defeated. Wolfgang Krauser, Geese's half-brother, sends some of his forces to South Town. He finds out that Geese is still alive, so he finds him and says he wants to have some fun with the man who crippled him. Geese gives him a name: Terry Bogard. Terry has returned to South Town, where he meets a kid called Tony. Tony gets into a fight with some other kids when they mock his deceased father, who died in a street fight. Tony beats them up, but Terry stops him from doing any more damage, saying that a strong man doesn't pick on the weak. Terry is then challenged by Kim Kaphwan, a taekwondo master from Korea. The two fight, and Terry eventually wins when he uses the whirlwind punch technique.

Later on, Terry is followed by Tony, who wants to become his disciple. Krauser than appears, and says he'll introduce himself if Terry can defeat him. Despite his size, Krauser is able to move around incredibly quickly, and Terry can't land a hit on him. Terry uses the wave motion whirlwind kick, only for Krauser to copy his technique and also use it. Terry gets battered around and is sent flying into a wall. As he collapses, Tony tells Krauser the only reason Terry was defeated was because he was worn out after his battle with Kim. Krauser says that if Terry wasn't at full strength, then that's promising. He introduces himself to Tony, and says that once Terry is rested, he can find him in at his castle in Germany. He walks off, and says he's looking forward to their next match.

Geese is thinking about his past, as he hates Krauser and his father -Krauser's father, Rudolph, had left his mother to die. He had tried to assassinate Rudolph, but was stopped by Krauser. Hopper then appears and informs Geese about Terry's defeat at Krauser's hands. Geese tells him to put their plan into motion. Meanwhile, Terry wakes up in Tony's home, where he meets Tony's mother, Elza. Elza says she relies on Tony to earn their money, and asks Terry not to encourage her son to fight, as he's all she has left. Terry says he'll leave, and does so, but is followed by Tony. Terry is annoyed as he can't look after a kid, but Tony says he's not a kid, and can take care of himself. As Tony runs off, Terry starts drinking.

In Japan, Mai Shiranui visits judo master Jubei, asking where Andy is. She finds out he's in the mountains, where he's training. Mai goes to Andy and gets into an argument with him, as he'd been gone for a year and never even called her! Andy doesn't understand why she's so mad, but Joe then appears, and says that Terry has lost a fight.

Andy and Joe find out from Jubei about Krauser. Jubei says that Krauser is the latest in a line of European martial artists that stretches back to ancient Rome. He's the 35th Earl of Stroheim, and for generations, they've used their fighting skills to serve as bodyguards for European nobility. Even today, when European nobles travel, the Stroheim family acts as their secret service. But that is merely the public appearance -most of the revolutions and civil wars Europe has ever known were instrumented by the Stroheim family. The blood of millions is on their hands, which is why the head of the Stroheim family is often called the Emperor of Darkness. In his castle in Germany, Krauser thinks about his father, the man he defeated and killed in combat on his 16th birthday. Andy decides he's going to fight Krauser, but Jubei says he isn't ready. He tells him he must defeat him first before he can leave.

A drunken Terry is approached by a gang who claim to be tough, but he beats them all up and gets arrested. Back in Japan, Andy fights Jubei, and defeats him with his sky rendering bullet technique. Mai and Joe head off, and Jubei tells Mai to go with Andy, and make sure he doesn't fight Krauser. At an airport, Joe is given a letter which states where Terry is, so he leaves. Meanwhile, Andy and Mai fly to Germany.

Terry is released from jail, and Joe then finds him. He can't believe what's happened to Terry, and when Terry tells him not to let Andy fight Krauser, Joe refuses to pass his message on. Joe leaves, deciding to take on Krauser himself. In Germany, Andy and Mai look at Krauser's castle, but it appears to be deserted. Later on, Mai is approached by Laurence Blood, an underling of Krauser's.

Laurence takes Mai to some ruins, then confronts her, wanting to know what she and her friend are doing sniffing around Krauser's castle. Mai gets into a fight with him, and manages to knock him down, but he eventually captures her. Andy then finds him, and after seeing what he's done to Mai, quickly defeats him.

Andy frees Mai, and the two head back home. Meanwhile, Terry is challenged to a fight by Axel Hawk, the heavyweight boxing champion. However, Axel sees that Terry is drunk, so he has his disciple fight Tony instead. Tony gets beaten down, but never gives up. Terry dreams about his own youth, and how he got beaten up a lot as a kid, but eventually got stronger. He wakes up and sees himself in Tony. Axel's disciple, unhappy with having beaten up a kid, decides to leave, so Axel calls Tony the winner. Terry checks on Tony, and Tony says he has a good luck charm: Terry's gloves, which he'd thrown away earlier.

Terry fights Axel, and defeats him with one punch. Meanwhile, Joe finds Krauser, and gets into a fight with him. He can't land a hit on him and has one of his hands crushed, but he then uses his newest finishing move: the screw upper!

But even this fails to harm Krauser, and Joe gets badly beaten. Terry decides to fight Krauser again, and quickly recovers his speed and power. He thinks these things still won't be enough to defeat Krauser, and wonders what to do. He then sees Lily and Tung, who give him some advice. The next morning, he and Tony delay their trip to Germany when they find out about what has happened to Joe. They go to the hospital were Joe is, and find that Mai is there. Mai reveals Joe's condition, and says the doctor said it's a miracle Joe is even alive. Joe tells Terry to find Andy, who is waiting in the usual place.

Terry and Tony head back out. The usual place is where Terry and Andy used to train when they were Tony's age. Tony asks why they are going to fight each other, and Terry says that to defeat Krauser, they'll have to be completely ruthless, like ravenous wolves. Andy says that in order to become wolves, they must be willing to fight each other without pity. A long battle then starts, but Andy looks like he's going to win when he hits Terry with his super rending blast bullet technique. He runs towards Terry to finish him off, only for Terry to hit him with a gigantic blast of energy. A defeated Andy asks what that technique was just now, and Terry says he unconsciously came up with it. It was a technique that Andy has helped him discover. Andy says he was sure he'd be able to beat him this time, but now he guesses he's the only one who can defeat Krauser. Terry says he'll try.

Terry and Tony travel to Germany, and are taken to Krauser. Terry and Krauser's battle begins, but this time Terry puts up much more of a fight than before. Krauser uses his blitz ball projectiles, which Terry destroys with his burn knuckle move. Krauser than unleashes his ultimate attack, the kaiser wave.

But Terry uses his new move, the power geyser. This destroys the kaiser wave, and hits Krauser, sending him crashing into his organ, destroying it. Whilst his armor has been destroyed, Krauser has survived, and resumes fighting Terry. The two batter each other with punches and kicks, but Terry eventually manages to land several powerful blows on Krauser, defeating him and causing him to bleed heavily.

Krauser admits defeat, but says he doesn't regret this. He bids farewell to Terry, and then falls out of a hole in the wall. As he falls, he thinks of his father, and sheds a single tear. He hits the water, and sinks into the depths. Terry asks Tony if he sees now -fighting doesn't fill the emptiness. He says it's time for them to ho home, so they leave the castle.

Hopper reports to Geese, and Geese calls Krauser a fool. He removes his bandages, and starts laughing. Meanwhile, Terry and Tony arrive at a train station. Terry says this is where they say goodbye, and as Tony gets out of the sidecar, he sees that his mother is here. He runs over to her and asks how she got here, and she says Terry told her -he even sent her a ticket. Tony says he'll take good care of his mom, and someday he'll learn to be as strong as Terry is! As he says sayonara to Terry, Terry removes his hat, and throws it.


-Contrary to popular belief, this aired as a TV special first. A lot of places refer to it as an OVA (Original Video Animation) and whilst it was released on video, it first aired on Fuji TV very late on in July 1993.

-The music which plays when the second title card appears sounds similar to the music used in the Fatal Fury 2 game's intro sequence.

-The special's story differs significantly from the game, as the game's main plot involves Krauser holding another King of Fighters tournament. Tony never appears in the game, he was specifically created for the special.

-A few changes were made to certain characters to make them more game-accurate:
--Terry's red jacket now has a white star on the back of it.
--Terry's burn knuckle has his fist covered with a blue aura, in the previous special it was colored pink.
--Andy now has blonde hair instead of blue.

-Elza's name is not spoken in the film. In the Japanese dub, she's voiced by Kikuko Inoue, who also voices Lily.

-The guy who takes Terry's wallet is Jack Turner, a character from the Art of Fighting series.

-Jubei never mentions that Krauser's half-brother is Geese. Maybe he didn't know, or maybe he wanted to keep this a secret from Andy for some reason.

-During the scene at the airport, one of the planes has "SNK" written on it.

-It's never explained who the girl is who passes Joe the letter, but Hopper probably had something to do with it.

-Sebastian's name isn't spoken, but it is in the next one.

-The song played during the credits is called "Calling", and is sung by Zi:Kill.

Deleted Scenes

There were at least three scenes deleted from the final cut, read about them here.

Game Influence

SNK would reference the special in some of the Fatal Fury games released later, click here to read more about them.


The special has seen a few different releases over the years, click here to read about the more notable ones.

Voice Cast

Japanese voice actors

Japanese voice actor
Andy Bogard
Keiichi Nanba
Axel Hawk
Hirohiko Kakegawa
Big Bear
Hisao Egawa
Geese Howard
Hidekatsu Shibata
Nobutoshi Canna
Joe Higashi
Nobuyuki Hiyama
Jōji Yanami
Kim Kaphwan
Daiki Nakamura
Laurence Blood
Kōji Totani
Kikuko Inoue
Mai Shiranui
Kotono Mitsuishi
Terry Bogard
Kazukiyo Nishikiori
Masami Kikuchi
Tung Fu Rue
Kōji Yada
Wolfgang Krauser
Hirotaka Suzuoki

Nobuyuki Hiyama as Joe Higashi -Replacing Masaaki Satake, Nobuyuki had already started making the rounds when he voiced Hiei in Yu Yu Hakusho. He'd go on to have an incredibly successful voice acting career, and SNK must have liked his performance for Joe a lot -they'd get him to voice the character in several Fatal Fury and King of Fighters games, starting with 1995's Fatal Fury 3.

Kotono Mitsuishi as Mai Shiranui -A veteran voice actress who has voiced many characters, some of her more famous roles include Usagi Tsukino in Sailor Moon, Misato Katsuragi in Neon Genesis Evangelion and Excel in Excel Saga.

Hirotaka Suzuoki as Wolfgang Krauser -His voice acting roles include Shachi in Fist of the North Star 2, Tenshinhan in Dragon Ball and Starscream for the Japanese dub of The Transformers.

English dub voice actors

English voice actor
Andy Bogard
Peter Wilds
Axel Hawk
Michael Dobson
Geese Howard
Ward Perry
Jason Gray-Stanford
Joe Higashi
Jason Gray-Stanford
French Tickner
Kim Kaphwan
David Kaye
Laurence Blood
Ward Perry
Willow Johnson
Mai Shiranui
Sarah Sawatsky
Terry Bogard
Mark Hildreth
Tony Sampson
Tung Fu Rue
Mina Mina
Wolfgang Krauser
Paul Dobson

Tony Sampson
as Tony -Largely known for providing Eddy's voice in Ed, Edd n Eddy, some of Tony's other roles include Fred in Transformers Armada and Tori in Cardcaptor Sakura. He also had a small role in the English dub of the first special, providing the voice for the young Andy Bogard.

Sarah Sawatsky as Mai Shiranui -Sarah doesn't seem to have done much voice acting, with just a few other credits to her name. Sadly she only voices Mai in this special, and was replaced by Lisa Ann Beley in the English dub of the movie.

Paul Dobson as Wolfgang Krauser -Paul provided Billy's voice for the English dub of the first special. His other voice roles include Juggernaut in X-Men: Evolution and Rodimus in Transformers Energon.


-Terry's hat is missing during this shot.
-When Mai performs her dragon flame dance move against Andy, she's holding two fans. She's then only holding one fan after this.
-Joe's wrist bandages are missing during this shot.
-Terry's gloves are missing during this shot.
-Krauser's boot is colored yellow instead of black during this shot of him kicking Terry.