Demitri has gone to give Uncle Dracula a visit. Dracula complains that he has gotten too old and is worn out from constantly battling Van Helsing. Demitri wants to go fight Van Helsing but Dracula says he doesn't have to. His time is over, now is the time of Demitri. He tells Demitri that he must be ready and be invincible. To become that, he tells Demitri of a powerful artifact called the crystal skull. The skull has been lost for over a thousand years and is thought to be somewhere in the swamps of central America.

Bishamon travels to the swamp and despite this skull has been lost for so long, he finds it pretty quickly. Picking it up, he says that with this he will become all powerful and nobody can stop him.

Demitri fails to see that Bishamon is observing him. Bishamon finds Demitri's actions most disturbing and he decides to go and inform the others. Later on, Felicia and Harry are in Mexico. They have borrowed one of Lex's cars to get around the country, although Felicia gets an angry phone call from him as he doesn't want his car wrecked.

They've come here because Harry said he could sense that something is going to happen in this land. But he doesn't know what. They go round a corner and nearly run Bishamon over, who is just standing in the middle of the road for no reason. They get out and talk to him and he warns them about the "skull of souls" -an artifact of great power that Demitri now has. Bishamon plans to fight Demitri alone so he can regain his honor. Harry goes back to the car and presents Bishamon with a new sword, since his old, cursed blade was shattered. The new sword was a weapon that belonged to his great great grandfather, Elijah Grimoire.

Bishamon thanks him for the sword, but warns that Demitri is still very powerful. He tells the two of them to go and find the others, just in case he falls against Demitri in battle. They depart but Harry is sure Bishamon can win. Meanwhile, Hsien-Ko is flying around the swamp Demitri was at. She can tell he has been here recently.

She finds the spot where Demitri found the skull and she can somehow track where he went to next. She ends up in the place where Bishamon is and she meets him. Bishamon tells her that she must stay back and let him handle Demitri. Felicia and Harry are going to gather the others so she should wait for them, but she refuses to wait for other Darkstalkers and flies off. Bishamon becomes more determined to find Demitri first as he believes it is his destiny to do so.

Later on Felicia and Harry are driving away from the mountains but Demitri spots them. He says that Harry is the only one capable of stopping him, so he'll have to deal with him first. He sends the skull of souls out towards the car. Felicia tries to avoid it and swerves off the road and towards a cliff. The skull of souls then fires an energy blast at the car which ignites it and sends it off the cliff.

Demitri watches the vehicle burn but then Bishamon appears. Having seen the whole thing, he swears to avenge his friends and attacks Demitri. With his new strength, Demitri teleports around and uses projectiles, but Bishamon is still skillful enough to take him on. Demitri says Bishamon should have stayed a Darkstalker, he could have served him in some minor capacity if he did. Bishamon doesn't answer and continues fighting.

Demitri uses the skull as a shield to block several of Bishamon's strikes, but he then puts the skull away. Bishamon tries to hit him again, only for Demitri to charge up with power and grab his sword. Demitri kicks the sword out of his hands and then uses the skull to zap Bishamon, making him vanish. Demitri just starts to laugh.

The next morning Donovan arrives on the scene wearing a badass hat and of course Amanda is also with him. They find the car wreck and find that Harry and Felicia are still alive thanks to Harry managing to encase himself and Felicia inside a force field.

Donovan wakes Harry first and finds out he tried to use a floating spell when the car went off the cliff. Donovan tells him that he must have created a forcefield to protect himself and Felicia instead. He has grown more powerful and that to learn to control his power he has to co-exist with it and accept the call of his ancestors willingly. Felicia then wakes up and Donovan says here is here because this is where he has tracked Demitri down to. He then leaves Amanda in Felicia and Harry's care and walks off to his enemy. Meanwhile Hsien-Ko is flying around and comes across Bishamon's sword. She realises he must have fought Demitri and lost.

She continues her search and senses something in a cave. She heads into it and comes across Demitri's coffin, but it is empty. She then sees that Donovan is also there. He says he has tried to destroy the coffin but he can't do it, thanks to it being protected by powerful magic. The two of them argue over who will be the one to destroy Demitri. Hsien-Ko wins by blasting part of the ceiling, causing lots of rocks to fall down and cut Donovan off whilst she flies away.

Harry, Felicia and Amanda head to the wreckage of the car and are dismayed to see Bishamon's sword. Harry says Demitri won't get away with this but Felicia tells him that he isn't ready to fight someone like that yet. Demitri would kill him. Donovan appears and agrees with Felicia's words but then Amanda alerts them all to a battle happening some distance away. Hsien-Ko has found Demitri and has started to fight him. After Demitri throws a couple of fireballs at her, Hsien-Ko uses her Henkyouki move.

The sound this makes seems to hurt him and after a few seconds he collapses. Hsien-Ko walks over to inspect his body, but as she does so he flips over and throws the skull at her. There is a blinding flash of light...

...and a second later Hsien-Ko is gone whilst Demitri is back up. Donovan is the next one to challenge Demitri and the two fight by throwing small projectiles at each other repeatedly. After this exchange, Demitri pulls out the skull and throws it towards Donovan.

Donovan tells Harry to remember that he must "accept it willingly with all your heart.... or it means nothing" and then he hits the skull with his sword. He also disappears, leaving nothing more than some green smoke. Since she is the only one left, Felicia then attacks Demitri.

She gets pinned to a wall as Demitri says she will soon see where Donovan went. Felicia tells Harry to run but he instead uses his magic to create a beam projectile and use it against Demitri. He drops Felicia and pushes Harry back before starting to walk menacingly towards him, skull in hand. Harry remembers what Donovan told him and yells that he is ready and asks for Elijah to give him his magic. And a few seconds later, the spirits of Elijah Grimoire and Merlin appear!

The two spirits don't say anything but both of them use their magic on Harry, who grows bigger and gets a deeper voice. He says he is sick of Demitri hurting his friends and engages him in battle. Demitri believes his magic is stronger but he gets into a beam projectile fight with Harry and he starts to lose. Harry tells him that he should not have found that skull, because he needs to keep feeding it.

A point well made as the skull turns around in Demitri's hand and looks at him. Demitri commands it to not do anything but it blasts him and a couple of seconds later, he is gone. Harry shrinks back down to his normal size and makes sure Felicia is OK before picking up Bishamon's sword and using it to destroy the skull of souls entirely. By doing this, all of the souls it contained are released meaning that Donovan, Hsien-Ko and Bishamon are all OK again.

Harry gives Bishamon back his sword, and Bishamon says that although the war is not over, this battle is. Demitri's soul meanwhile is transported back by Ship and Demitri arrives on the bridge of Pyron's spaceship. Pyron asks what happened whilst Morrigan explains that the balance of power has changed and now things are going to be far more interesting. Back on Earth Hsien-Ko waves goodbye to Harry and Felicia and then teleports away.

Donovan then says that Harry has taken his first steps with his new found power. He then tells Felicia that they will meet again before he walks off with Amanda. Bishamon tells Harry that he should have his sword back.

He tells Bishamon to keep it as he now has his own way of doing things. Using his magical powers, he picks up the wreckage of Lex's car and repairs it in the air before putting it back down. Felicia says that he's got the touch, so what is he going to do with it? Harry's answer is simple -anything he wants!


When Donovan battles Demitri, Demitri makes himself incredibly ugly for no reason. As soon as the battle is over, he reverts back to his usual form.

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