Anakaris is stating the history of some penguins. He is being watched by Pyron, who says that for a moment Anakaris was making sense. But it probably is for the best that he keeps talking to the penguins anyway. He and Ship then go and find out what Raptor is doing and see the zombie being thrown out into the trash.

He's been kicked out of a band and the group leader appears, throwing Raptor's guitar back at him. He says that Raptor is so bad, that the band are giving up rock and roll and going into country western instead. It is the only way they'll be sure that they will never encounter him again. He then slams the door, but Raptor believes that they must be jealous of his genius.

Meanwhile, Demitri and Morrigan have decided to go on a TV chat show called World of the Weird. The host, Lily, says that they are talking about evil. Demitri says that that is his favourite subject, but then Morrigan says he doesn't know anything about it! This leads to an argument between the two and they quickly get into a fight.

Pyron sees this and wonders what else could go wrong. As he wises that Morrigan and Demitri had never discovered television, another spaceship appears. On several of Pyron's view screens, another alien appears, greeting his little brother and saying that he has come to check on his progress!


Pyron tries to blame this on Ship as apparently they both knew when Terramon would be coming. Ship explains that the he forgot to fix the ship's clocks because he had been too busy trying to fix other parts of the craft after the Darkstalkers wrecked it previously. Pyron tells him to beam the others up and as he gets Morrigan, Demitri, Anakaris and Raptor up, he explains to them that they have a crisis. His older brother is going to be here in a few hours to inspect the Earth. Terramon is the head of his family and feels the need to keep tabs on his younger brother. When he finds out how little Pyron has accomplished, things are going to become very unpleasant for everyone.

He goes on to say that he will be sent home in disgrace whilst they will have to work for Terramon, probably doing tasks such as cleaning toilets. And to make things worse, he is more powerful than Pyron. Morrigan suggests a plan that she knows they won't like, but it is probably the only way out of this. She says that they need to get Harry and the renegade Darkstalkers up here and then convince Terramon that Pyron is doing fine in his conquest. Later on, Talbain is helping a fox out of a trap...

...when Morrigan appears. He tries to fight her but she stays out of reach and says that she just wants to talk. Elsewhere, Harry is trying to finish off a term paper when Ship beams out his computer, saying he has the term paper now and will only give it back if he and Felicia listen to what he has to say.

Demitri tries to talk to Rikou but it takes Harry to convince the fish man to join up with them. He is beamed up to the ship and the full line up is there already: Harry, Felicia, Bigfoot, Victor and Talbain. Pyron thanks them for coming whilst Ship explains the plan: he is going to edit some video footage taken from human TV shows, to make it look like the people on Earth all love Pyron and sings his praises. All the Darkstalkers have to do is tell Terramon how great Pyron is.

The good Darkstalkers decide to go along with this plan, but Felicia says there is to be no money business. Pyron says that they have his word, although Demitri does something behind his own back. A short time later, Terramon and a few of his troops are beamed over. Pyron welcomes him but Terramon reminds his brother that he is here to check his progress. If he has done well, he may keep this planet, but if he's down badly...well, they can talk about that later.

As he leads his brother to the hall, Pyron asks if he has had a chance to view the tapes he sent over showing his accomplishments. Terramon says he has, and that he was impressed, but he then worries his brother by saying that he is now having his computer analyze them. They then arrive for dinner and Pyron introduces his brother to his servants: the Darkstalkers. As the meal begins, Terramon says Rikou is curiously attractive...for a fish-man. Rikou says he gets that a lot.

Things start to go a little wrong when Victor accidentally shocks Raptor because he won't pass him the salad. Bigfoot gets angry with a servant droid just because it refused to give him any ice cream and he flicks it into a table. Pyron says that his minions usually work alone, but Terramon doesn't seem that interested and instead asks for more information about the humans who live on Earth. Pyron presents him with Harry.

Terramon becomes really interested in humans when he finds out there are 3 billion of them living on the planet -they will make a great food supply! He is about to eat Harry in front of everyone when Pyron says he can't, Harry belongs to him. He has worked for 4,000 years to get this planet up to scratch and whilst it isn't perfect, it is his and he doesn't want it turned into a feeding trough. He then blasts his brother across the hall.

Everyone in the room starts fighting. Victor throws an electric projectile as Terramon whilst the other Darkstalkers fight against his troops.

Pyron gets Ship to beam his brother and his troops out of here. The Darkstalkers start to clap and tell Pyron he has done well, as he has gotten rid of his brother. However he tells them that his brother will not go away so easily and sure enough, he makes a video communication. He tells Pyron that he has an hour to get out of here, as Terramon declares that the Earth is under new management!

Pyron doesn't know what to do. Terramon's spaceship has enough fire power to destroy a planet. Harry suggests that they attack the ship from the inside instead, something Ship says could be done, but it won't be easy. Victor counts up everyone and they have quite a strike team, but Anakaris won't be going since he's transformed himself into a weird pyramid with a rotating top. Raptor says he is sleeping.

Harry wants to go and convinces the others by saying his smaller size will let him go to places the others cannot get to, plus he knows some magic -which he demonstrates by lifting Morrigan and Felicia up. Demitri says he should go as the Earth is his planet, he should be able to fight for it. Pyron says he is going to go, despite Ship's warning that he can't protect him when he is over there. Pyron says it is his brother who will need protecting once he gets his hands on him. A little later on, Ship shows the others blueprints of Terramon's spaceship and points out three key areas: the bridge, the command center and the radio room.

Ship beams everyone over in twos. Pyron and Raptor are sent together and are immediately shot at. As Pyron fights back, he tells Raptor to use his guitar, only to find that Raptor is gone! Raptor isn't that interested in helping out, but he is interested in finding the radio room.

Demitri and Morrigan fight off Terramon's troops but they are under heavy fire and withdraw. They end up trying to hide in a small room, but gas is released into it that knocks them out. Meanwhile, Harry and Felicia head to the bridge only for the catwalk they are running across to get blown apart by laser fire.

Felicia gets hit and turns into a smaller cat, but Harry picks her up and runs off. Terramon appears and inspects the damage, but he says he is tired of this and tells his computer and troops to bring all of the enemies in. Meanwhile, Raptor finds the radio room and seals himself inside it before starting to play around with the controls.

Talbain and Victor are searching through the ship when Talbain gets blasted. Victor gets his attacker back, but then Terramon appears, sporting some kind of electric weapon of his own. He uses it on Victor to take him down and he says that these Darkstalkers are no match for him.

The Darkstalkers are rounded up but Harry has still evaded capture. He comes across the room the others are being held in and leaves Felicia in it also. He then climbs up and heads through a small vent to reach a large computer.

Meanwhile the reason Raptor wanted to go to the radio room was so he could broadcast to the entire Earth. He starts to do this but then someone starts to knock on the door. Raptor gets up and tells them to go away, but one of Terramon's troops is on the other side and punches the door down on him. He takes Raptor's broken body back to where they others are. As they attempt to fix him, Terramon tells them all that they were beaten from the start.

Felicia has woken up and changed back to normal. She sees Harry up above, who tells her to give him a minute, then give him a diversion. Felicia waits and then jumps down whilst insulting Terramon. He and his troops turn around, so Harry then jumps down and tells the others to move. Bigfoot and Talbain tackle two of Terramon's troops. Terramon starts firing projectiles but then...

...Pyron confronts him. After getting into a verbal fight over which one of them their mother liked the best, they get into a proper fight. As this is happening Harry goes over to the main computer and sticks in some kind of cartridge which starts to glow blue...

...and then he and the Darkstalkers and beamed back to their own spaceship. Anakaris is then beamed over to Terramon's ship, and after a few seconds it vanishes. Harry explains that he upped the power and then beamed Anakaris into the field coil of Terramon's ship. He figured that Anakaris would short circuit it and it would end up going somewhere.

Meanwhile Terramon's spaceship reappears and crashes into a large lake. Terramon demands Anakaris to tell him where they are, but Anakaris just vanishes into thin air and returns back to Pyron's spaceship. Terramon climbs out and tells Pyron to reveal himself, only to find a large T-Rex instead. He's been sent back to the Jurassic period and the dinosaur wants him for lunch.

Back in space, Pyron beams all of the Darkstalkers back to Earth. Before sending Harry and Felicia back Pyron thanks Harry for his help and says that although their war will continue, for this day only a truce is called. He then beams them both back to Earth and tells Ship how he is pleased that not only has he gotten rid of his brother, but he's also gotten rid of that ridiculous Anakaris. The latter of whom suddenly teleports back in and crushes Pyron my accident. Ouch.


As you might have noticed, Bishamon is sometimes included in a few shots, but he is clearly not meant to be there. Even when Victor goes through a roll call of everyone, Bishamon is present, but Victor does not say his name.

The blueprints of Terramon's spaceship show a craft that looks nothing like the actual thing. I guess the background artists didn't get together with the cell animators that often.

There is a possible deleted scene from this episode, as there is a rather random shot of two of Terramon's troops dragging Bigfoot and Rikou away. Rikou seems to be in a net and there is snow all over the corridor.

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