Morrigan is attempting to create some kind of potion but before she gets a chance to complete it, she is beamed up to Pyron's ship. He has a new task for both her and Demitri: they are going to go to Egypt. He beamed them here first because he thought they'd kill each other if he beamed them both straight there without explanation.

They arrive in Egypt, where Anakaris' pyramid still rests in the middle of a city. Inside the pyramid Demitri explains to Morrigan that Pyron's computer mentioned something about a "Gem of Power" which Anakaris used to be in possession of. The problem is, now that Anakaris is completely nuts they don't know if he still has it. Morrigan asks him if he remembers the time before he lost his marbles.

The word "marbles" triggers something in Anakaris' mind and he remembers something about sparkling stones. Without warning, he then uses his time travel ability (remember that move in the games?) to go back thousands of years and bring Demitri and Morrigan with him. They have been taken back to when Anakaris was a young Pharaoh.

They follow young Anakaris outside and are amazed to see him meet up with a few mermen -the same species as Rikou. The mermen over gifts but one of them makes a mistake of mentioning the Queen of Egypt. Apparently the Queen left Anakaris for a merman and he isn't very pleased about the situation. In fact he says that Egypt is now at war with Atlantis! And he plans to destroy all of the mermen with something called the "Star Gem".

Anakaris takes Demitri and Morrigan a little further forward in time. They see a couple of mermen steal the gem. Anakaris wants to crush them but Morrigan reminds him that they are viewing something that happened thousands of years a go. Anakaris returns them to the present. Morrigan says that gem is what Pyron must be after and Demitri reckons they can still get it. He thinks the mermen never throw anything away and they most likely still have the gem.

Elsewhere Rikou is still moaning about how he seems to be the last of his kind, but then he turns around to see that he has a visitor. She says her name is Delphine and she has been searching for him for so long. Rikou immediately accepts her and says that together they will rebuild his kingdom. She asks how they can protect it, so he goes to get something from his heritage -the star gem!

As soon as he gets this Delphine, who is actually Morrigan in disguise, quietly contacts Pyron and tells him to beam them up. Meanwhile Harry and Felicia are playing scrabble when Rikou somehow contacts Felicia via telepathy. She tells Harry Rikou is in trouble but she doesn't know what's up. Harry wants to know what they are suppose to do about it when his mom knocks on the door. Felicia transformers herself to her smaller cat form as Harry's mom comes in and tells her son to put his TV on. She couldn't find the remote for her TV and her editor is telling her she needs to watch the news.

Harry puts the news on and sees a live report showing a pyramid flying across Egypt! Harry's mom says that they are going to Egypt right now. The pyramid lands in the middle of a desert, near an archeology site. Meanwhile Rikou and Delphine have been taken to Pyron. Ship runs a check on the gem and says that it is useless this far away from the Earth. It needs to be put back into Anakaris' pyramid for it to work at all.

Demitri is beamed back down to the pyramid with Rikou and Delphine. As soon as they reappear, Anakaris goes crazy and starts to fight Rikou. Anakaris eventually ties up Rikou with his bandages whilst taking the gem. Rikou tries to say that he isn't a thief but Anakaris says that whilst he is strangely attractive for a fish man, he clearly remembers him taking this gem. Anakaris then tries to activate the gem but has forgotten the ancient words he has to use to do so.

Harry and his mom have arrived in Egypt, but they find out that they can't get close to the pyramid due to a freak sandstorm. So his mother decides to just make a story up, something they apparently do all the time. Harry meanwhile dons a disguise and he and Felicia go to the pyramid alone. Harry summons his power to use a spell that lets them through the sandstorm.

However this spell actually just makes them sink through the sand and they land in a secret passage. They start to walk through it but after a few seconds they come across something a bad: an angry looking mummy!

Felicia uses her powers to create a clone of herself for a brief amount of time and she swipes at the mummy, making it fall over. When they inspect the corpse they see that the bones have vanished and only the bandages remain. Harry says that an old magic spell was the only thing keeping it together and it was meant to protect this place against trespassers. He and Felicia continue on. Meanwhile it turns out that it doesn't matter Anakaris can't remember the ancient words -Rikou's people changed the code for activating the gem. He says he won't say what it is but then is forced to when Demitri threatens to kill Delphine.

Rikou speaks the new code, which sounds like noises a dolphin would make. The gem is activated and Anakaris says the power is his. However Delphine changes herself back to Morrigan and says that the power isn't his and she and Demitri try to attack him. Rikou apparently wasn't paying attention because when he sees Morrigan, he wants to know what she has done with Delphine. With the new power he has, Anakaris realises that there are intruders in his pyramid.

With the gem, Anakaris easily beats Demitri and Morrigan and has them pinned up against wall along with Rikou. He then turns his attention back to the intruders and thinks that he might barbeque them but he then believes that Felicia is his old Queen. He knew she would return to him and has her and Harry beamed to where he is. He takes Felicia and puts some kind of spell on her that makes her think what he is saying about her been his Queen is true.

He then reveals a second gem of power and gives it to her, saying that she can use it as if it were the original gem. As he does this, his three prisoners are released but Rikou collapses due to dehydration. Morrigan calls them out and says Anakaris really is nuttier than she already thought if he believes Felicia is his Queen, but neither of them take kindly to her comments. Felicia shows that she has new powers now also and blast her.

Pyron attempts to have the gem beamed up to his ship but Anakaris prevents it. He then traps Morrigan, Demitri and Harry in an energy field and tells Felicia to come with him so they can inspect the palace. As they leave, the energy field vanishes, so Morrigan and Demitri go after Anakaris as they need that gem. Meanwhile Harry goes back to Rikou who says that his Delphine has been turned into a hieroglyphic! He is still totally unaware that Delphine isn't real. Harry tells him to pull himself together and he somehow manages to do so, saying he's going to go after Anakaris.

Anakaris shows his Queen some cat statutes, which he then brings to life just as Morrigan and Demitri arrive. Felicia sets the cats on them and they do a pretty good job of fighting the pair, making them retreat to the top of a pillar.

Anakaris wants to go and show more of his palace to his Queen, but then Harry and Rikou arrive. Rikou isn't in any condition to fight and collapses again, so Harry uses his powers to flood the room. He tells Felicia to look and somehow this breaks the spell Anakaris had on her.

The water submerges Rikou and he recovers quickly. He gets back up and blasts Anakaris with a powerful stream of water. Rikou demands to know where Delphine is but Anakaris has no idea what he's on about. After throwing Anakaris to the floor, Rikou swims down, takes them gem from him and then swims back up.

Demitri says this has gone on far enough and Morrigan tells him that Delphine doesn't exist, she was just her in disguise all along. When Rikou finds this out he says he would have given this gem to her but he instead activates the gem's termination sequence. As long as the gem exists Pyron and the other evil Darkstalkers would always be after it and without Delphine he has no use for it anyway. Morrigan decides to swim for it but Demitri says he hates swimming... he turns into mist and escapes through a crack in the ceiling. Harry and Felicia grab hold of Rikou as he swims them out. Meanwhile Anakaris, unaware of the urgency of the situation, finds the gem and says it has returned to Egypt. He then wonders if it is ticking.

The gem explodes, sending a huge water current which takes Morrigan, the cats and the good guys out of the pyramid. The cats turn back into statues as Felicia asks what just went on here. Morrigan tells her to ask Harry to explain as she is beamed back up to Pyron's spaceship.

Harry and Felicia return to the hotel where they are staying at, only to find that Harry's Mom isn't there. Harry guesses that she must be at the pyramid to get her story. At the pyramid, Harry's Mom is taking pictures and sees Anakaris, and tells him to move as he's in the way. Anakaris walks off in embarrassment.


In the previous two episodes, Demitri had pupils in his eyes. In this episode, his eyes are clear white. Throughout the rest of the series the design of his eyes alternates.

Demitri looks at Morrigan in a funny/creepy way when she gets blasted/piled on by cats. Look at that face. Probably a ryona fan.

The way Demitri runs away from the cats is so great I made a GIF of it.

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