At Victor's castle, Klaus (Victor's servant) is moaning about how he wants to be part of the anti-Pyron team instead of just keeping the castle in shape every day. Victor says that Klaus is important to him as without his help he couldn't keep the castle clean, which really doesn't reassure Klaus.

The front door bell then rings and Victor goes to see if all the good Darkstalkers are there as he's expecting them. But instead he finds Morrigan who uses her powers to call up tree roots everywhere. Victor escapes from them and runs back into his castle.

However when he gets inside it he finds Demitri waiting for him. He tries to fight him but Morrigan also gets inside the castle and ties Victor up. Demitri and Morrigan then get into an argument about who owns their new prisoner. As they shout at each other, Pyron and the other bad Darkstalkers watch. Pyron compares the two of them to children.

Pyron then contacts them and says that he overheard their argument and has a contest for them. Whoever captures the most visitors to Victor's castle before the moon sets will becomes his general. Anakaris is going to judge things and the current standings are that Demitri has one whilst Morrigan has zero. Klaus has seen everything but he goes off to hide. Meanwhile, outside the castle, a taxi pulls up and out step Felicia, Talbain, Bigfoot, Rikou and Harry.

Harry is reading a book about how to use fireballs, but Rikou says those projectiles are so crude. Bigfoot tells him to give him a break as that stuff isn't easy. The gang go to the door but when they knock on it, nobody answers. As they wonder why, Morrigan uses her powers to create a storm just so she can create the proper mood. Demitri advises her to save her abilities for the game.

The good Darkstalkers get the bright idea of just pushing on the door as hard as they can and it soon opens. Inside they get into an argument about what to do next, Felicia wants to find Victor, Talbain wants to eat and Bigfoot wants to get dry. Rikou agrees with Bigfoot because he says he is smelly when wet and the two nearly get into a fight with each other until Harry breaks them up. Felicia convinces everyone to search for Victor, so they all split up and head different ways.

Rikou goes outside to try and find Victor but Morrigan grabs him as he goes past a fountain. Back inside Klaus tries to get Felicia's attention but just misses her as she and Harry head down into the cellar as they thought they heard Talbain howling. They meet up with Bigfoot and find a bone on a table. Felicia realises the bone is spiked with wolfs bane and if Talbain ate the meat off it, he'll be in trouble.

Elsewhere Morrigan and Demitri admire the Darkstalkers they've captured. Pyron contacts them and finds out from Anakaris that Demitri is currently in the lead with a score of two whilst Morrigan now has one. Demitri acts like a snob and then transforms into a bat. He leaves as Pyron suggests he is getting a little bit of an ego and asks Anakaris to help out Morrigan.

Demitri gets a swarm of bats into the cellar. Felicia runs back upstairs and Harry follows her, but Bigfoot starts smacking the bats away. After he gets rid of them he wonders where Felicia and Harry went, completely unaware that Anakaris has appeared behind him. Anakaris states that Morrigan's score is now two points and then he teleports himself and Bigfoot through the ground.

Felicia doesn't realise that Bigfoot and Harry are no longer with her until she gets to the top of the castle. However Demitri is waiting there for her instead and he says he has a game to play. He keeps throwing projectiles at her until one of them hits part of the castle wall and cause Felicia to fall.

Harry appears to see this happen and Demitri turns his attention to him, but he then sees Morrigan fly up with Felicia, who has turned into her smaller cat form. Harry runs away to try and hide but end ups falling down a trap door. Klaus finds him down there and explains what has been happening and how Demitri and Morrigan are playing this game. He says Harry is the only one who can stop them now. Meanwhile Anakaris states the scores, with Morrigan having 3 points whilst Demitri only having 2. Demitri doesn't know how Morrigan did it but if he finds out she cheated...Morrigan asks him what he would do, because as far as she is concerned he has met his match in her. Demitri challenges her to get the boy and the two of them head out, leaving Anakaris to guard the others.

Meanwhile Klaus tells Harry that the castle has many secret passages and exits. He takes him to a revolving wall which has the dungeon on the other side of it. Harry accidentally activates the wall and is put into the room, where Anakaris sees him. Harry tells Klaus to let him back through, which leads to hilarity as the wall spins repeatedly.

The keys to the cells get put into Felicia's reach as Anakaris stumbles around after Harry, but he eventually gets him. Felicia gets out of her cell but before she can stop Anakaris, the wall revolves again and pushes her through to the other side. Anakaris goes back to the dungeon and chains Harry up, but he becomes confused now that Felicia has gone. He attempts to recount who has scored what in the game but he can't figure it out.

Klaus explains everything to Felicia and they formulate a plan: she will go and distract Morrigan and Demitri whilst he tries to free Victor and the others. Felicia runs off and soon finds Morrigan, getting her to chase her around the castle halls. Meanwhile Klaus enters the dungeon from another secret passage and heads towards a switch which will release the clamps on Victor. Anakaris is still trying to count and doesn't see him.

However because Klaus is clumsy he steps on a broom which smacks him in the face and alerts Anakaris. He is also chained up as Anakaris resumes counting. everyone in the room starts to say that Anakaris is winning the contest as he has caught Harry, Klaus and Bigfoot and that he could be Pyron's general, although he might not be good enough. This enrages Anakaris and confuses him further, so Klaus suggests he lets him go free so he can get his calculator and sort everything out. Anakaris could already be the winner. Elsewhere Demitri also finds Felicia but gets into an argument with Morrigan over who is the best. The two of them throw projectiles at each other, giving Felicia the chance to evade capture.

Klaus is released and tries to use his calculator but he says it won't work properly as it's solar powered. He needs more light, so he asks Anakaris to turn on the lights with a switch near Victor. Anakaris wants to know who has won the game and moves the switch without question, only to realise his mistake when Victor breaks loose.

After a brief fight Victor picks up Anakaris, throws him and then blasts him a few times, which makes Anakaris revert into his Sarcophagus form. The good Darkstalkers head out of the dungeon and run into Felicia, who explains that Demitri and Morrigan are right behind her. Klaus suggests trapping them in the freezer.

Demitri and Morrigan run in and find that everyone they'd thought they had caught is loose. They try and fight them anyway but are hopelessly outnumbered and during the battle, Harry is able to use his fireball spell for the first time.

Rikou uses some water to send Demitri and Morrigan into the freezer and they find Anakaris inside already. Before they can get up, Bigfoot comes in and asks them if they'd like some ice with their drink. He then opens his mouth and releases an ice beam.

The three of them are all frozen. Pyron decides to check on the results of the game only to find out that his minions have been frozen and all the good Darkstalkers are fine. He warns them that next time things won't be so easy whilst telling Demitri and Morrigan not to fail him again. Later on everyone thanks Klaus as it was mainly thanks to him things turned out the way they did today.

Victor is glad Klaus is on their team and then the Darkstalkers he invited over head for home in a taxi.


Demitri's eyes now have pupils in them again, like they had in the first two episodes. This is unlike the previous episode, where they were clear white. More on this in the next episode.

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