At some ruins, everything is quiet, but suddenly the whole place begins to shake. Why? We don't get to find out yet as we instead are taken to a city and get to meet Herv, someone who works as a theatrical representative. He doesn't seem to be that good at his job though as he only has one client and she isn't happy that she's being a sparkplug.

She storms out and Herv is most concerned because without any income they'll cut off his phone. He thinks things can't get worse for him but then some kind of box appears in his room and out slides Raptor, who starts wailing on his guitar and saying how good he feels.

Raptor introduces himself and says how great he is, but Herv says he's still unemployed and he won't take him on. This angers Raptor, but Herv says that Raptor needs a gimmick to stand out above all the rest. Raptor says that he's a zombie rocker but Herv still states that he needs a gimmick to go anywhere.

Raptor decides to kill Herv but just before he strikes him, his guitar starts to glow. Raptor says his musical instrument is telling him that he needs to go east as there is something waiting for him. He isn't the only one to get a signal though as Pyron's computer has also noticed huge energy readings. Pyron comes to the conclusion that it must be the "trumpet of Jericho".

Demitri and Morrigan are doing what they do best: trying to kill each other. Pyron asks them to stop it and to take a look at this. He tells them about the trumpet and Ship explains that it was used by the ancient Hebrews as a weapon, allowing them to destroy the walls of Jericho. Demitri wants that trumpet but because it is located in a desert, he decides to send down Anakaris to retrieve it.

Back in America Harry is studying in Lex's gym whilst Felicia is training, but then Harry's ring starts to glow and basically hits a globe next to him. The ring lands on North Africa and Felicia decides they must go there, but thanks to Harry's Mom not giving Harry her credit card anymore they don't have means of transportation. Felicia has the bright idea of asking Lex who has been working out for a rematch with her. Felicia starts to arm wrestle him saying that if she wins Lex has to pay for her and Harry to fly to Africa, which Lex agrees to. And he loses, of course.

Later on Felicia and Harry arrive in Africa, but Harry points out that they don't have a clue where to go next or what they are even suppose to be looking for. Felicia says they need a clue but they see a hangar glowing with magic energy. Further investigation reveals that Raptor is preparing to take off in his own bi-plane. As he takes off, the two of them grab onto it as it passes over them.

Raptor flies the bi-plane to the ruins of a city. Harry's ring starts to glow so they believe it must be where it wants them to go. Hearing noise below Raptor finds out that he has visitors and tries to grab them, but Felicia manages to toss him out of his own plane.

Unfortunately for them Raptor's plane starts to disintegrate and Harry and Felicia drop off. Harry uses his magic to try and get a giant pair of wings to help them land safely but these disappear at the last moment, although they still land without a scratch. They see Raptor driving off (no idea where he got his car from) and rush after him although they still have no idea about what he actually wants.

They eventually find Raptor inside the ruins of the city and follow him. He stands in front of a door and says he has finally found whatever it is he's looking for, but an energy blast from the door sends him flying. Felicia then attacks him...

...and she and Harry eventually manages to trap Raptor in a pit. Felicia tells Harry to wait here and guard Raptor whilst she goes into the place Raptor was looking at. After avoiding traps consisting of falling pillars, Felicia finds the trumpet.

When she walks towards it it shoots a fireball at her that she avoids, but the projectiles destroys part of a wall. Felicia realises that this thing must be the trumpet of Jericho. She says that the evil Darkstalkers will never get this only for her to turn around and see Anakaris staring at her. He uses his snake arms to make her drop the trumpet and he then throws her across the room.

He then tests out the trumpet as Raptor breaks out of the pit and tells Harry that this is his final curtain call. Before he can kill him though, they both hear a lot of noise. Raptor turns around...

...and sees Anakaris with the trumpet. However, Raptor believes that the trumpet belonged to Louis Armstrong and if he can get it, it will be his ticket to stardom. He takes it from Anakaris and starts to walk off, but Anakaris smashes into him and the two get into a fight over who gets the trumpet. This is being watched by Demitri and Morrigan, who decide to beam themselves down there.

Felicia recovers and finds Harry, but they see that Raptor has got the trumpet. He attaches it to the front of his guitar, greatly enhancing the projectiles it can fire. Raptor is happy because he's got the gimmick he needs and he can't wait to try it out in New York. He runs off into an arena as Felicia and Harry follow him.

Raptor uses the trumpet to turn some stone statues into warriors and they attack. Felicia takes out a couple, who smash into stone pieces when defeated, but she eventually gets caught in a net and Harry is also taken prisoner. Raptor decides to have them executed but then Anakaris shows up and starts beating up the warriors.

Demitri and Morrigan beam down. Demitri demands that the trumpet be handed over but Raptor refuses, saying that he needs it go become a star and he'll never give it up. He then uses it to create sonic waves with such power that they blow both Demitri, Morrigan and Anakaris away.

Felicia tries to attack but she also gets blasted and changes into her smaller cat form. Harry is the only one left who can stop Raptor and he goes up to zombie, telling him that he dresses funny, is a bad actor and cannot sing. Raptor replies with what is probably the best line in the entire series and goes after him. Harry runs through the ruins but is chased by Raptor and it looks like it is all over for him. He tries to think of a way to beat him and notices a wall behind him.

Harry taunts Raptor some more and is shot at, but the beam reflects off a wall -apparently this wall isn't made of stone and that it all the trumpet is capable of breaking. The shot goes back to where it came from and hits Raptor instead.

The force from the blast throws Raptor into a pit, and a load of rocks cover him up. Harry finds the trumpet and sees that it has been badly damaged, so nobody will be able to use it again. Felicia has recovered and found a way for them to get out of here in the form of Raptor's car.

As they drive off, Raptor gets up and finds that his guitar has been broken. Worse yet, Demitri, Morrigan and Anakaris have found him and all of them want to kill him. He suggests they talk it over but they'd rather beat him up and start to do so.


Demitri's eyes are now the clear white that he had in the third episode. They finally stay like this for the rest of the series.

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